Xiaomi Power Bank from Banggood

Just received the second Xiaomi power bank I ordered from Banggood. It is authentic. It passed the code test at Xiaomi. I am the only person that checked the code. Banggood sells real Xiaomi products.

Have you checked the cells inside? I bought the 5000 and 10400 powerbanks from BG.
The 10400 has four lishen 18650 cells inside, passes all the tests etc but i was well disappointed.

lishan ? thats why bangood is for 13 usd .. whareas at other sources its 20 usd

havent heard of this brand ..

new 1000mah uses 3 panasonic 18650 bf 3400mah cells. and its capacity at 5v is 6220 .


Did not open the power bank up. It is the 10000 mah model. Power bank works as advertised. I am pleased.