XinTD X3 cost reduced version? (from banggood)

I finally gave in and ordered an XinTD X3 from banggood, can’t imagine what took me so long. I really like this light, but I noticed a couple differences from the one reviewed previously, so I thought I’d see if anyone else has the same experience. I bought mine from banggood but it looks like all the ones with the cheap battery carrier might have the same, at least it looks like the slight body mismatch is there.
-Copper star
-Star has thermal grease under it, not glue
-No o-ring in bezel (only around reflector)
-Body has slight anodize mismatch to head and tail (slightly more blue)
Anything else?

I also noticed that the 2-group driver PWM is high enough that I can’t notice it, there is only a whine to remind me that it has PWM. Even so I’ll probably switch it out to a Qlite

Don’t think BG’s XINs are the same with int-outdoor’s.