XM-L Beamshot Comparison Photos-My Better Throwers

Guys I had a guy send me a pm the other day about updating my XM-L thrower thread I once did that I deleted some of the images due to the fact a lot of them were taken I believe in auto exposure. And I didn’t want nor feel like I should leave them up here due to the fact that my buddy troop taught me better and now I know what truly seems to represent the beam you will see in person with your own eyes. So I just got done taking some at 110yds off my pool deck at my neighbors pool. It is very close to 110yds away.

All of these are taken on manual exposure with a 1.2 sec shutter, f/4 and ISO 400 and white balance set to fine or the sun image on my camera. These should be very good samples so that folks here can use these to compare to one another if they wish to purchase any of these XM-L throwers. I hope you like them. Give me a few minutes, and I will post them all.



Keygos KE-5


Small Sun TK35 Clone

Fenix TK35

Small Sun ZY-T08

Sunwayman V60C

ThruNite Catapult V3

FandyFire STL-V6

Fenix TK41

Olight SR51

Sunwayman T40CS

Olight M3X

Crelant 7G5

EagleTac M3C4 U2

Crelant 7G9

Crelant 7G5CS U3

ThruNite Catapult V3 XM-L2 U2

Solarstorm SP03 XM-L2

Fenix TK75

Fenix TK70

SolarForce S1100

L3 Illumination K40

Crelant 7G5CS Collimator Head

Celant 7G5V2 Collimator Head

ThruNite TN31

BTU Shocker

Vinhnguyen54 L3 Illumination K40 6.5 amps de-domed XM-L2 copper heatsink

Vinhnguyen54 modded TN31 6.5amps dedomed XM-L2 copper heatsink 500K lux

I hope they all look good to you guys. Those should be very close to what you will see live and in person. That was some work. LOL!

Thanks for sharing these pictures. Nice group of lights for comparison.

And I promise to leave these all up for all to see. I’ll even add the TN31 after I get it. It should be the best of them all. I sort of posted them in the order of brightness I thought that they would be. I may be off on a few. But I’m close.

It wasn’t the best nite to post photos with some of the crap I noticed in the air, but these should be pretty good and fair for all from sample to sample.

Thanks for the beautiful beamshots!

Your welcome.

And I forgot to take a picture of the Fenix TK70.

I’m on it now.

Thanks for taking time to do these Brad,really puts in to perspective what each light is capable of.That k40 is a beast and really shows up all the others.I have to say the Eagletac is pretty impressive,it throws a beatin on most of those lights.

Ok Fenix TK70 daylight photo has been added. LOL!

NICE :wink:

That EagleTac is about right at 65,000 lux or so would be my guess if the Crelant 7G5 is about 58,000 lux according to selfbuilt on 4 CR123A batteries in it. But on this 7G5 photo I had Hi-Max 18650’s in it.

Now look at how much better those trees at about 210yds are lit up from the TK70. Now if you look at the concentrated beam on the pool wall from the K40 it may be brighter, but I don’t believe from what I have seen that the K40 out throws the TK70.

That’s the far trees directly behind that last electric pole I’m talking about and not the ones to the right of the pool which are closer. There is an electric pole right next to the pool. The poles are about 85yds or so apart. Just so you know. You can even tell the last electric pole is lit up a lot better with the TK70 vs the K40.

And I also want you guys to look at the trees in the TK35 photo that think the TK35 is a good 200yd thrower. And I got one of the better ones. It does good to reach out to 200yds. I like the light a lot. But it’s not a very good thrower, but it is a very good useful light around the house.

The last pole concludes that the K40 still can’t out-throw your TK70, even though it’s a 3-xml. Now we wait for your TK75, and another pure thrower, the TN31.

Yea but the trees aren’t saying that. Here, look at these 1 sec shots at 220yds.



Now you can also look at the edge of the blacktop in each photo above and clearly see the TK70 lights it up better at the very end.

Another quick 1 sec shutter sample that should tell the true tale in throw of each at 475yds.



TK70 wins for sure at 475yds. Look at all the stuff lit up right in front of the barn, the field as well and the tree to the left of barn.

In fact if you want to be fair to the TK70 it should be compared to other 3-xmls. But just for the fun of it why not? LOL