XM-L in a 19.5cm dia. head?! I think I just got a hard-on

From the depths of Chinese online trading platforms I present to you…a production flashlight with the widest reflector I’ve seen for an XM-L yet!

More photos here: Aliexpress.com link

More photos of the emitter and reflector here: Taobao link

Here’s what my pitiful Chinese reading ability was able to translate:

800 lumens, 1000m throw distance

Length: 27.5cm
Head diameter: 19.5cm
Weight: 2.3kg :open_mouth:
Runtime: 8 hours on Max, 30 hours on Normal
Battery: 11000mAH
Battery charging duration: 11 hours

Now if the stated runtime and battery specs can be believed, that would mean the emitter is being driven at approximately 1.37A, hardly enough for 800 lumens. Don’t think they can push up the amperage any higher in that plastic housing though.

But who cares when you’ve got a reflector the size of a small satellite dish?! :party:

With shipping included, it ain’t chump change they’re asking for, but think of the modding possibilities! Heck, you could probably fit an actively-cooled heatsink in that housing…

Anyone feels like taking a gamble? :bigsmile:

Holy crap that looks like the ultimate XML thrower host. You’re not the only one with a hard-on

i used to have that spotlight in incandescent the reflector was somewhat shallow, I wonder if they changed the original reflector

BTW that spotlight is known in the USA as a Thor 6mcp halogen spotlight and I have seen them go for less than $15 in the autoparts shops, you could buy one, gut it and install an Xml for less than the asking price

cool where is the DIY thread for that?

I think that’s the biggest question…though it seems like the reflector opening was made for an XM-L. It’s all speculation though until we see some beamshots.

EDIT: No wait…it seems like the reflector was made for that emitter centering ring…haha

Holy I want one.

Can just pray for it to be focused, even “somewhat” is ok.

SLA is nice. Easily changed + charged. (I know how to do with them as what i have done for HIDs).

Not cheap…but.


Yeah i know, too lazy to DIY. Centering itself would be a good couple of hours.

Seriously if talking about throwing ability, the MAIN FACTOR here is the focus. Forget about beam quality, there ain’t none. Forget about drive levels, 2.2A to 3A won’t get you a lot more output, no biggie with +30. But focus easily gets you 400–16000%.

10w led searchlight flashlight light outdoor
Price: US $58.56 / piece Quantity: piece Pruchases are limited to 9999 pieces
Shipping Cost: US $13.31to Singapore Via China Post Air MailDelivery Time:15-34 daysProcessing Time: Ships out within 7 days

Total Price: *71.87

I think most “searchlight” type lights are going to switch to crees + lithium pretty soon. The current type of SLA + halogen is very inefficient and hard to maintain.

BTW, OP, 11AH isn’t necessary at Vf. SLA’s are usually 6/12V.

I just bought a 100W Ultrasonic cleaner yesterday. :frowning: My cheap plastic one broke down, think the transducer voice coil burnt or something, sucky duty cycle as I opened it up and its those flat ones. This is using the bigger/better ones ($87 for that cheap plastic POS bought locally at the local DIY h/w store)
Aliexpress is good.


So damn overspent again, *but the calling is strong.

7.7” external head dia.

That’s the same as my Guangzhou Sanmak SM5200.

73 bucks to SG for a HID. But well i have too many of them. :smiley: (BTW, disclaimer, this bugger’s plastic is v fragile and the ballast usually dislodges during shipping so it would dent the reflector, it already happened twice to me)


What do you use those ultrasound cleaners for?

Ohh…ok, thought you were asking what are the uses for my flashlights.

To clean spectacles, coins, jewelry (diamond rings, gold etc), etc. Knives and flashlights are doable as well, esp knives’ insides.

Add some isopropanol to the mix, very nice.

How well do they work? Esp compared to soaking in soap? Does it remove hard stains?

I guess I’m curious what you use the hids for, too, since I almost never use mine.

Sucky, this is for another light (3W - XP-G perhaps?)


DX used to sell a 15cm dia XP-G light, think 30+ bucks. Nobody posted beamshots or measurements.

It’s a miserable country here, nothing’s really “usable” here. Flashlights, lasers, knives……and cars. A BMW M3 is 430k and we don’t have a single race track + speed limit’s 90kph.
I think in the USA it’s only what….usd55k?

It does not really remove hard stains unless you use the correct solvent. Ultrasonic cavitation is just a more beautiful way of cleaning as compared to soaking + brush. :smiley:
But yes for stuff like spark plugs (ultra small gaps), you can clean them up nicely and quickly esp if you have a large batch.

Cheapo model.


I wonder what batteries it uses, you can also see ventilation holes in the “head” part.

I’d like to see a review on this, I don’t have any use for it but I would buy one if it really threw 1000m like it claims.

Here’s a nice T6 one.


430K usd goddamn, I thought they were overpriced with the 2-3x luxury/import tax in china. A couple of my friends have them. Surprisingly pliant, even the smg, but nobody really uses the performance potential here either even with racing track down the road.

You do have \F1 for several years now, and we’re only getting ours later this year.