XM-L Motorcycle Turn Signals and Brake Lights

Anyone know if there is a way to run XM-L emitter turn signals on a 12v system?

I'm thinking of making my own turn signals that will be blindly bright, but very compact.

Depends, if they are relay switched (usually are) you need a step down converter to run them such as:


Tweakable output. It's a simple DC-DC stepdown converter. Use a dmm to fine tune! Set it around 3V output then check the current to the led and adjust as you like.

However these XM-L must be sinked a little since it will not run much of the time but will probably fail soon if not sinked at all.

Convert all your lights to LED! $8.50 25watt buck 12-24v to 5v stepdown converter & add some amc7135 drivers.

This reminds me of the cpf thread where they went ape shit on the Guy who wanted to mod the lights on his ATV. “MODERATOR CLOSE THIS THREAD!!! HE INSISTS ON TALKING ABOUT ILLEGAL MODIFICATIONS!” Personally I think it would be sweet. I would also make the flashers a strobe.

Yes, I remember that thread, I wanted to shoot this "CLOSE THIS ILLEGAL THREAD" guy.

The idea of converting my motorcycles main light to a multi xml is also in my head and I have no idea how to do it so I am going to watch this thread.

I remember that thread. That guy really thinks he is the LED police.

The best part was when the OP posted up pics of the farm-use ATV, then was castigated for baiting.

How DARE he actually ask for help with the correct application of LEDs.

For the truly illegal, there was a BMW forum where one of the members was tired of being constantly tailgated. He bought an EBay HID kit and installed it in his REVERSE LIGHTS ! A switch on the dash would fire up 55 watts of HID into the following car's windshield, akin to being blasted by highbeams.

If you're going illegal, go big IMO.

A little Luminus PT120 in red, 2000+ lumen @30A would make an ideal brake light. http://www.mouser.com/Search/m_ProductDetail.aspx?Luminus-Devices/PT-120-R-C11-MPB/&qs=sGAEpiMZZMt82OzCyDsLFDEgy%252bnGna0TL8TH36iJdpo=

Not sure what kind of bike you have, but for my cruiser I just went with Harrison Specialties LED lights - http://www.harrisonspecialties.com/mm5/merchant.mvc?Screen=CTGY&Store_Code=HS&Category_Code=L. certainly not nearly as bright as an XM-L, but they work for me.

Pictures of them on my bike are here: http://www.shadowriders.net/forums/showthread.php?t=19450

I would love to do an XM-L headlight on a streetfighter-style sportbike.

love that idea, I wish I could do that on my jeep

This thread is discussing illegal modifications to an vehicle that operates on public roads… Continue on… You could always get a set of off road only fog lights and mount them on your rear bumper, wired up to a toggle switch…

wonder if we could setup some xm-l rear backup lights and also wire in a manual switch… I would actually like to do this for legit backup use. I live in a wooded area and often back into my driveway and it’s hard to see with the stock lighting

I’m not sure xml would be.efficient over a good hid kit. Depending what you have for bulbs in your backup lights, you may be able to do a simple swap. Then you’d need to hotwire them in with a toggle switch to cut power to them, it’d be fairly simple to setup

I think an HID might go over a motorcycle's battery ability to provide power, but I might be wrong. And I hope I am wrong.

I have bought from Aliexpress to my brother a worklight for tractor. It has 8 generic led´s in it and claims over 1000 or so lumens.

Just wondering, if that case could be torn open and led´s be replaced with XM-L´s.

Am I just dreaming or could the conversion be so simple, that just add those step-down converters linked by Budgeteer, tune them to give about 4V, install the LED´s and wiring and thats it?

It states that rated current is 2A, which I think would be plenty for multi-XM-L flood-worklight.

my last truck cap had 4 x 55w halogens on the back. Two switches, one at the back, one at the front of the bed (I had dual sliding windows). If tailgaters won't back off from the lights, just shift from OD to 2nd and drop the clutch. The rear tires bounce and roar a couple times and you go from 60 to 45 in an instant w/ no brake lights. Nobody tailgated after that. Transmission was still fine when I sold it with over 160k miles, but I only did that 3 or 4 times lol

I had a PA speaker (mounted inside the grill) hooked to the CB mic. I never had much reason to tailgate anyone. Tell people to pull over and they generally do.

Dangerous and illicit uses aside...the lights were incredibly useful when recovering a boat at night...

I've been thinking I should do a stealthier version in my new truck. 4 XM-L in 4 little 18mm reflectors, inside the cap w/ through holes. At least I won't need 20amp switches this time lol

Twenty five years ago or so I had a Plymouth Horizon semi-tricked out and I loved to go blasting down the back roads at 2am. I had two pairs of driving lamps mounted on the front bumper - a pair of 100 watt and a pair of 55 watt with each pair on a seperate toggle. I lit up EVERYTHING in front of me. When I would encounter a-holes that wouldn’t dim their high beams Id flash them with the standard highs. If they still didn’t turn them down the toggles got flipped. You never saw high beams go down so quick!

One night I was passing a semi on the highway on the inside lane because he was riding the fast lane at slow speed. He had one of those lights that BMW you referred to had. He decided to try and blind me as I pulled along side. Big mistake. I flipped my toggles and hit him with 310 watts of sunlight in his side mirror. That light of his went off real quick!

Had an idea for tailgaters I never followed through with on my truck. My idea involves an in dash switch that would drop the tailgate, then the lawnmower mounted on an incline ramp would be set in motion. The mower would stop when the front wheels cleared the end of the tailgate because the tether length. After I was sure the tailgater underwear was soiled, switch #2 would be pushed and mower would be winched in and tailgate closed for the next tailgating sucker. Video camera optional.

OMG that’s beautiful! LOL!