XM-L on stars for ~6$ @ LED-DNA

I ordered 1/9 got ebay ship notice 1/11.


I ordered on the 13th and did not get a shipped notice.

ordered on 01/10 and the led have been marked as shipped a few minutes ago!!

LOL they marked my order as shipped now too!

Think they're reading this forum? ;)

Wow....i paid 8.75 for the U2, now it's usd12.50. All my 4 U2s are shipped.

rcvd ship notice today

i was hoping to get them and test U2 vs T6 before ordering more, but at 12.5 I'll buy where I'm sure of binning (not saying they're not reputable, I just have no info on them...)

The T6 went up to $9. If they are reading this forum, ship mine please.

I do not know .. maybe he's sending the last packet before going on vacation!

but if he reads here not surprise me, BLF is a reference now! :)

I hope he really shipped the goods..

I ordered 2 leds on Ebay on 10/1/12 and I have been notified that they have been shipped on 16/1/12.

For people who missed that opportunity, go to the website, it is still ON. I know this company for a while but had never bought before.


Cree XR-E 7090 Q5 WC Emitter High Power LED 228lm for $3.50 US , free shipping - is it a good price ?

huh, their site didn't work last week when I tried it several times.

Could have saved 0.75$ if it worked... :)

Yeah, it was inaccessible last week. That is why I ordered on Ebay same as you

I received the package 2 days ago. Professionally packed with bubble wrap and anti-static bag. I give this guy a 5 stars for service.

The led is mounted on aluminium heat sink with Cree trade mark and a letter J on the side, next to the + connection post. Any one knows what does it stand for ?

Can't make a test due to I have no proper equipment.

Try to load the picture but can't do it J)

I put one of the U2 XM-Ls into my Crelant 7G5 and it measures exactly as the original U2 (which i blew). I had temporarily one of those budgetlight T6s which i scavenged from one of the lights and it gave 68 lux. This one is 78 lux (same as original). So i have every reason to believe that these are 100% authentic U2.

I purchased 4 of these U2s from LED DNA at 8.70ea shipped.

How does the tint look?

It's not the bluish type of 1A look....perhaps it's 1C or 1D. There is no green tint in low mode, but then the Crelant 7G5 does not have a very low mode. I'm very satisified.

I just checked - their eBay store has the 30% discount again, 16mm/20mm T6 for 6.30$, 16mm U2 for 8.75$.

Their site is still down for maintenance, so no lower price at the moment there.

I was waiting for their store to come back online, waited too long no they don't have discount on eBay anymore, will have to wait until it's on discount again :-(

Considering the purchase history & dates and prices, and how many they sell when it's $6.30 and how few they sell when it's not, hopefully it won't be long ;-)

What about these xml,s on a 16 mm star for $8.26 free shipping

Cee XM-L T6 White LED Flashlight Emitter

Ive got a couple comming

rcvd emitters today

will take some measurements to compare t6 and u2 this weekend

US$6.95 here or AU$6.50 for me.


Cheaper agian here if you buy more than 5.