XM-L Thrower,Tiablo A60G XM-L U2 850 Lumen....

Why hasn't any one compared a Tiablo A60G XM-L U2, against the XL-L Throwers? Looks good and sounds good. I just talked with Greer at Kit-Tronics about one and he said it will out throw the 7G5 and the 7G3 with ease. Does anyone have one?


7G3 is not the same with 7G5. The A60G has a smaller and shorter reflector than the 7G5, out throwing them with ease doesn't sound that real. The driver might make a difference or course. BTW: Crelant is Tiablo.


Thank you for responding. I didn't think anyone was going yo help me decide. Have you ever seen the A60 throw? What about the A10G R2 is that any better than my T9 R2?

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If it has a XR-E EZ900 driven to 1.5A in it, it would out throw the Crelant 7G5. :)


No problem.

Sorry, I have not seen the A60G throw.

I just thought that the out throw with ease statement was a bit thrown to easy by the seller considering some aspects.


That's what I was thinking. He's a really nice guy and will tell you everything you want to know, but I don't know now....Do you know anything about the A10G-R2?

Thanks again.

Ok Rick, usually we speak from experience when you have messed with enough stuff (LOL!), hence that is why folks like Hikelite would say it would not outthrow the 7G5/M3X etc....

Ok got it, someone measured it to be 45.3k cd.


A60 XM-L U2 Max output: 850 Lumens @ 2.8 for 110 Minutes???? Does that sound right?


and here is the A10G R2


2.8A to the emitter, 110 mins.... sounds ok to me. You are thinking that it should be longer or shorter?


I goggled forever last night trying to find beamshots and comparisons with the other XM-L throwers and came up empty.Thank you

Haha...i just typed in the Tiablo A60G and up that came, 6th or 7th result. LOL!

It's not that bad...It is 7075. But then look at that price! OMG! With shipping included that's how i got my SWM V60C and Olight M3X just by topping a few bucks more!


I thought it was high, I guess I still dont understand all the numbers and figuring what's right and wrong. I got my M3X yesterday and I sat there all day yesterday charging all my batteries and they were all at 4.24-4.26 Hi-Max 18650's, JetBeam 18650's and Trustfire Flames 18650's I put the TrustFires in the M3X, 7G5, Catapult V3, SWM T40CS and took them out and it looked so close that it was so hard to see the Difference. I wanna say it would be a toss up between the M3X and the 7G5. Maybe I didn't put fully charged batteries in my 7G5 before but it seems to of woke up.....The SWM is a very nice light also, they all are and I'm really confused when I throw them up at a tree about 100' away they are truly close.

You don't have to be too worried about the battery voltage, such 2-cell lights are highly regulated and the output is pretty stable. Already mentioned that visually you won't really see much of a difference. If you directly A-B compare the lights side by side, you might detect a difference if the output is > 10% different. In reality and under real use, it's more like 20-30% difference in lux. Again, may i mention that for shorter distances, it takes at least 4X diff in lux to get twice the throw. For longer distances like those commonly done by HID, it could be 5-6 plus times. ie to double the throw of HID model 1, it takes an upgrade from 800k cd to at least 4 million cd.

I have the lights that you mentioned plus a few others more, so your eyes are not playing tricks. hehe...Relax...


Out of all the lights that you said that you have to, which is your favorite? And Thank you I will Relax now.....

2100, I have not said that it will not out throw , don't put words in my mouth.

SWM V60C for visual and usage/feel. heh... Followed by T40CS for usage/feel, Balder BD-4 for visual. BD-4 also feels really hefty (it's like 400g, just a hair lighter than the Catapult)

Ok sorry i may have misread it. LOL! Just thought you meant that way....

quote >> The A60G has a smaller and shorter reflector than the 7G5, out throwing them with ease doesn't sound that real.

I was just expressing my concern regarding the "will out throw with ease", what the seller said to Rick.

Is the BD-4 a good thrower? Does it compare to the ones listed?

No, the BD-4 is just average in lux @ 1m. 58mm head. But it's a very nice flashlight.