XM-L triple driver required

Anyone help with a driver to run 3 x Cree XM-L’s off 14.4v Li-Ion pack!

looking for any of these options,
1 100,75,50,20-35, strobe

2 100,50, 25-35%, strobe


This is an option, no pwm.

Thanks but this has low modes, need say 2500mAh-3000mAh (100), 1500-1200mAh (50) 1000-600 (35%) Strobe

PWM may be a power saving technique any thought here?

I mean no pwm in the sense that you won't see and hear it like those with pwm, which usually are with very low frequencies and can annoy the user because of that. Anyway, just on option.

Below 600mA a triple XM-L struggles on light output! so low modes tend to be useless on most drivers I have seen.

> This is an option, no pwm. (above) is a dead link

Any other suggestions? Distinguish between serial and parallel triples?
One li-ion, preferably. I find I can buy both serial and parallel triple boards, but not sure what drivers to look for.

Sign me — vague on the concept, at the moment

taskled h3flex

der witchel 2.8 buck is also available, http://www.candlepowerforums.com/vb/showthread.php?201981-SSC-P7-Buck-Converter