XM-L - Which light drives it the hardest?

Just before christmas I purchased a Kaidomain 5 mode XM-L 3.7v-4.2v P60 dropin. It is a a brilliant dropin and my brightest light to date and sits nicely in my L2P host.

This dropin draws 2.2amps from a 18650 cell.

EDIT: Was not using a fully charged 18650! The reading from a 4.2v 18650 is 2.9amps

My question is where should I go for more light output from a XM-L emitter? I know the XM-L is capable of handling a higher current than 2.2amps.

Which light out there is driving the XM-L the hardest?

Thanks for your help

(I feel like the quest for more lumens is grabbing me! :D)

Check out Don's 40-meter picture thread. The Manafont drop-in looks like a champ. Non P60 lights will be able to drive the XM-L harder and keep it cool enough to stay bright, and the KD C8 seems to be a favorite, though I don't have one.

The P60 is great if you already have a light that can take one. If I didn't already have several, I'd look at one of the C8 type lights which should do a better job of shifting heat. These LEDs are pushing the cells hard, better cells may well make for more output.

I have 3 from KD 2 bough separately when they were up for grabs at 13$ each 1 with host and 2 from manafont. The least hard driven draws 2.94A at tailcap. You sure you have batteries up to the job?

The sony cells i scavnged from a laptop don't want to go beyond 2,4A draw. Thew new cells i have easily pulls at least 3,5A

anyway the sweet sport for an XM-L is around 2,4A to the emitter. But for a wow factor a few bursts at 4A can be fun! Dual 18650 advised.

Thanks brted I will have a look at the Manafont drop-in

Christ! I just checked out Don's photo thread. Firstly great work Don! Secondly that Manafont drop-in looks incredible! I definitely will be ordering one later tonight.

On the subject of the P60 format: I do like the format I have 5 hosts that accept them but I understand that they are never going to be great at dissipating heat.

I am open to new lights/hosts if need be.

Budgeteer - I am not sure and you have me thinking about if my cells are up to the job of delivering the kind of current I want. The cells I am using are Hi-Max 2600mAh protected cells - these cells were formerly branded as WOW cells and performed well in tests. I was told by the seller that these are exactly the same cells as the WOW just rebranded.. not so sure about that now.

What cells are you using Budgeteer?

yeah 2.2a is low for the kd drop-in..mine is 3.2-3.3a depending on the cell..it'll measure 2.2a when the cell is at 3.8v..some of my cells only manage a 2.8a on a full charge so internal resistance is higher in some cells..i've got a few cells that manage 3.2a so I just stick with them for the higher powered lights..

My KD xm-l drop-in draws 3 amps

Driver from Manafont P60 XM-L dropin in a Brinyte C5 XM-L = @High=4,6A

(only the driver from dropin!)

and KD C8 XM-L:

That's more amps than most 18650s would be happy with. Myself, I'd only use IMR cells for that.

This are flamed trustfire (rechargeable/protected) 2400mAh ~1,5 years old from DX.

I have bought newer one´s(the same), but there protection trigger. (maybe trustfire chanched something)

Twice the capacity in mAh as mA is the usual recommended limit. I don't believe (with good reason - like every one I have ever measured) the capacity claims of any lithium cell.

I have pulled way more than that (like 12 amps from an 18650. Pulling that from multiple cells in series is asking for an explosion) from several cells - in single cell lights you will probably get away with it - but don't bet anything important on that.

With multiple cell lights be afraid.

Very afraid.

You will probably not have bad consequences but don't come crying to me when you do.

Personal advice. If it uses more than one lithium cell in series - i.e., if it needs more than 4.2V - be careful.

Argh! The cell I was using for that initial test in my first post wasn't fully charged.

With a fully charged WOW 2600mAh cell I have a reading of 2.9amps with the Kaidomain 5 mode XM-L 3.7v-4.2v P60 dropin.

Red and Black Trustfire 2400's are 2450 mah. AW and Redilast 2200's are 2200, AW 2600's are 2600mah, you get the point. But they're so goddamn expensive.

This are flamed trustfire (rechargeable/protected) 2400mAh ~1,5 years old from DX.

I have bought newer one´s(the same), but there protection trigger. (maybe trustfire chanched something)

same with the new bleu trustfire 18650s, 3.5A max higher than that=> protection

I can get imr18650 batteries for 3-4 euros maybe I should buy a bunch

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I recall that those Trustfires with the black label & flame motif were tested by someone going by the name of Lermite when they came out. The information was posted in a thread for a completely different battery over on DX. They demonstrated capacity as rated and didn't have a problem supplying up to 5 amps. I haven't asked 5A of mine, but they don't even break a sweat at 3A.

Andi's report up above is kind of worrisome, though. These are my favorite $5 cells.

My first post here so hi everybody Smile

Tested my manafont dropin today with a 20A bench power supply and here's a picture of the result after a few seconds

manafont xml dropin on high

At the same voltage as above I got 991mA on medium and 171mA on low. At 3.8V the readings were 2.85A, 780mA and 129mA.

Wow, 4.8 amps. Hope you didn't do that for very long. I wonder if people will see their clicky switches failing. A lot of those are only good up to 3 amps.

Welcome to BLF, fonzeka! Anyone with two Flukes and bench power supply is welcome here. Hope your drop-in lasts long enough for you to enjoy it!

Welcome Fonzeka. Nice test set-up. I'd show a pic of my bench power supply, but the hamster is sleeping 8)

Welcolme fonzeca, that current for those emitters could ruin them permanently. I know because I ruin one with a brief test at 5A...only notice it because that were under close look wired and such...after that test the previous flux was never reached again. However still give a lot of light only problem is that I know his dirty secret

Also when the cells are under load the voltage can't be 4,2V as the power supply show, I did a quick test and a cell measuring 4.08 V open circuit go to 3.8V under a load of 1.6A ...