XM-L - Which light drives it the hardest?

My KD xm-l drop-in draws 3 amps

Driver from Manafont P60 XM-L dropin in a Brinyte C5 XM-L = @High=4,6A

(only the driver from dropin!)

and KD C8 XM-L:

That's more amps than most 18650s would be happy with. Myself, I'd only use IMR cells for that.

This are flamed trustfire (rechargeable/protected) 2400mAh ~1,5 years old from DX.

I have bought newer one´s(the same), but there protection trigger. (maybe trustfire chanched something)

Twice the capacity in mAh as mA is the usual recommended limit. I don't believe (with good reason - like every one I have ever measured) the capacity claims of any lithium cell.

I have pulled way more than that (like 12 amps from an 18650. Pulling that from multiple cells in series is asking for an explosion) from several cells - in single cell lights you will probably get away with it - but don't bet anything important on that.

With multiple cell lights be afraid.

Very afraid.

You will probably not have bad consequences but don't come crying to me when you do.

Personal advice. If it uses more than one lithium cell in series - i.e., if it needs more than 4.2V - be careful.

Argh! The cell I was using for that initial test in my first post wasn't fully charged.

With a fully charged WOW 2600mAh cell I have a reading of 2.9amps with the Kaidomain 5 mode XM-L 3.7v-4.2v P60 dropin.

Red and Black Trustfire 2400's are 2450 mah. AW and Redilast 2200's are 2200, AW 2600's are 2600mah, you get the point. But they're so goddamn expensive.

This are flamed trustfire (rechargeable/protected) 2400mAh ~1,5 years old from DX.

I have bought newer one´s(the same), but there protection trigger. (maybe trustfire chanched something)

same with the new bleu trustfire 18650s, 3.5A max higher than that=> protection

I can get imr18650 batteries for 3-4 euros maybe I should buy a bunch

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Awww shucks....you shouldn't... (make it a stout) :beer: :bigsmile: :beer:

I recall that those Trustfires with the black label & flame motif were tested by someone going by the name of Lermite when they came out. The information was posted in a thread for a completely different battery over on DX. They demonstrated capacity as rated and didn't have a problem supplying up to 5 amps. I haven't asked 5A of mine, but they don't even break a sweat at 3A.

Andi's report up above is kind of worrisome, though. These are my favorite $5 cells.

My first post here so hi everybody Smile

Tested my manafont dropin today with a 20A bench power supply and here's a picture of the result after a few seconds

manafont xml dropin on high

At the same voltage as above I got 991mA on medium and 171mA on low. At 3.8V the readings were 2.85A, 780mA and 129mA.

Wow, 4.8 amps. Hope you didn't do that for very long. I wonder if people will see their clicky switches failing. A lot of those are only good up to 3 amps.

Welcome to BLF, fonzeka! Anyone with two Flukes and bench power supply is welcome here. Hope your drop-in lasts long enough for you to enjoy it!

Welcome Fonzeka. Nice test set-up. I'd show a pic of my bench power supply, but the hamster is sleeping 8)

Welcolme fonzeca, that current for those emitters could ruin them permanently. I know because I ruin one with a brief test at 5A...only notice it because that were under close look wired and such...after that test the previous flux was never reached again. However still give a lot of light only problem is that I know his dirty secret

Also when the cells are under load the voltage can't be 4,2V as the power supply show, I did a quick test and a cell measuring 4.08 V open circuit go to 3.8V under a load of 1.6A ...

Aloha and welcome to BLF fonzeka!


Awww shucks....you shouldn't... (make it a stout) :beer: :bigsmile: :beer:


Beer is well deserved! thanks!

I have a XM-L T5 that I cannot get beyond the 3.4A on one 18650 battery (DD)

Thanks guys and yes I wont be trying that again. With a fresh battery I also get around 3.4A due to the voltage sag.

It's really more than enough but I think it's perfect as a short term show off mode

Im using hi-max myself. :)

yea i would say not all KD XM-L drop ins are the same

best i could pull from the KD drop in i bought off another member was 1.6 amps high.

this was off a 4.2V fully charged trustfire (flame). one that was tested to produce 2.6-2.8 amps on the shiningbeam drivers no problem.

i do not like these trustfire batteries as much as most people. problem is i dont have the money to replace mine yet. after reading tests im gonna try the tenergy ones.

I ordered the Manafont dropin back in Nov. I have been using it for a while now in a Solarforce L2 . When I first got the dropin I was using an old 18650 and I wasn't at all happy with the output or tint . I then ordered a Solarforce 18650 and when I tried that new battery - WOW - NOW THAT'S WHAT I'M TALKIN' ABOUT !

The tint and beam are MUCH improved and the light is perfect for my bike in medium mode .

All that being said , I just ordered an OP reflector for the dropin because I just can't get used to the shallow donut hole in the SMO beam . I think that the OP reflector will be the final touch to make this light great .