XML U2 !! who's got the better version ???

I'm after a xml U2 for my next project but i want to get as good an led as i can, i see both DX and KAI are selling them now with KAI having an 1A and DX 1c variants.. which one is the better choice i don't want anything too blue.. as close to an HID bulb i think is best..

I thought about Cutter but with the shipping to the UK works out to be quite expensive.



I have the U2 1A, it´s little bit blue, but not so blue as the KD C8 T6.

Have ordered a U2 1C from DX, but´s one the way.

I think, the differece between 1A and 1C is not big, both have 6500K, but 1C with a little bit less blue.

Cutter has more tints: 1A, 1B, 1C, 2B, 2S.

2B and 2S was 5700K, there should be no blue in lightcolor.

I got the U2 from DX , output is lower than the T6's from cutter , about what one would expect from a T5 from cutter ...

Next week I hope to get a few U2's from cutter , as well hopefully a XP-E S2

were you that, with the 2S tint?

maybe my next U2´s come from cutter :)

but with my U2 from KD i´m very satisfied.

Hi not sure if this is the tint you are after but i modded a maglight and happy with it as a 1C Tint.


Now i got a 2S from cutter.

Yes, that´s real white....no blue tint, very delightful light.

But i still like the KD XML U2 1A....also very bright.

The mysterious is, for my eyes, the 1C from DX has more blue in light, like the KD 1A (normaly this should be the other way).

Some Beamshots:

(the U2 1A has also a bluish spill...white balance is difficult)

I noticed that in your other thread that you ordered a U2 from LCK-LED. How did it compare to the cutter U2? Was it as bright? How was the tint (more white like the cutter or the same green as the T6)?

Sorry for the cross post.

Just ordered a U2-3S emitter, with a reputed 5000-5300k tint. Wont be able to stick it into something until I get back to the states in a week and a half but will post beamshots when I can.

Where did you ordered the U2 3S? If can't tell in public please pm urgently!!!

Unfortunately I ordered it from Taobao. As far as I know they don't directly ship to anywhere outside of China, you might have some luck with a Taobao agent, but at that point it would probably just be better to buy direct from cutter.

Are you sure it is a 3S U2? Is this dealer good?

This is very rare! Cutter has U2 2T, might order some of these, but would surely prefer 3S U2!!!

Just a heads up, I couldn't wait any longer so I stuck my U2 3S into my Yezl T9, you're not missing out on much (assuming this is a legit 3S), the tint is very green. Not too pleasant...

Now i found the brightest XM-L: HERE

It´s a XM-L U2 1C on a copper base. ;)

Andi, are you sure it's a 1C, i've had my eye on this promising xm-l star for a while now, i'll buy some if 1C is confirmed (although i'd much prefer a 3D, 1C while too cool isn't typically greenish at least).

it´s "1C" sure, it´s also printed on wrap.

for me 1C is the best. ;)

Thx ;)

For me 2T is the best and cutter the best source by far. Wish i could order from them those pcbs only.....

Copper PCB's are available at out local Cree dealer. However, they're 21mm stars:

http://www.maritex.com.pl/en/shop/productInfo/ggid/16031/pid/19092/page/1/backurl (link to PCB)

http://www.maritex.com.pl/en/shop/productInfo/ggid/18236/pid/20449/page/1/backurl (link to fully assembled LED)

I'm using such LED (T6 1C on copper PCB) in my Thrunite Catapult V2.

The KD 5 mode U2 is like creamy vanilla ice cream. It is very nice if they are all like the one I got.