XML/XPG 16mm sinkpads

This is for u guys that’s actually going to buy the 16mm sinkpad boards

The price will be under $3 each and I asked if I can have xpg boards made but I’d like to see how many u guys will buy of each board

So post what u might like in xpg and XML

Gives me a idea on what to order

5 xml
5 xpg

XML or xpg ?

15 of each
*assuming I still like the design after everyone is done mucking with it :slight_smile:

I’ll take 10 of each assuming its april before we have to divvy up. If its this month then 5 of each.

10 XP-G

10 XM-L


I’ll take 10 XML and 2 XPG.

20 xml, 10 xpg

Ill give it about 3 weeks 1 week to get a good design down on both boards and 2 weeks for them to make them

That almost works for me…. :expressionless:

5 XM-Ls for me.

10 XM-L
7 XP-G

I'd buy 4 xpg and 2 xml (whatever the final design will be )

30 xpg

5xpg and 3xml

Great….way things are going ill order around 600ish XML and 400ish xpg’s

I think ill end up with 1000 to 1500 boards

5 xml’s
2 xpg’s

24 XML's, 4 XPG's - don't want to be short like I was with the 20's .


I like the way Pilot put em on one sheet, so I’m in for 8 XM-Ls and 7 XP-Gs

If you’re having them done separately, I’d prob go 10 XM-Ls and 5 XP-Gs, hope that’s not confusing.