XML2 80+ CRI Test/Graph

Hi, here is testing done on a XML2 T4 5D2 80+ CRI from Int’ Outdoors

Testing was done by a good friend from cpf. The LED was on a 16mm Noctigon put on an all aluminum testing jig.
All values are instant ON values.

EDIT: CCT spread graph added 9/8/13

Very cool…thank you!

Great data. Thanks for sharing. It certainly performs well it seems! :)

Its always interesting to see how temperature and CRI change depending on current. What kind of equipment is needed to get those values?

Were these numbers done by foxtrot 824? Just curious if these numbers are directly comparable with these results. I rarely read anything on CPF, but I came across those numbers once. I would not mind seeing more testing like that.. :) (links are appreciated)

Nice work! Thanks for reporting.

How instant is this instant on? I always find an output drop in the first three seconds after switching on, from internal warming up of the emitter, no matter how well it is mounted.

I had requested this LED to be tested and even though he is a very busy guy he graciously accepted but requested not to be mentioned as he didn’t want others asking for more LED testing.
That being said, yes these numbers should be directly comparable to your link.

All I was told was these were instant ON measurements.
It was mentioned to me that for the higher current measurements there is probably at most 10-15% loss of output due to heat.
I was also told that the testing jig is all aluminum so it soaks up the heat nicely but it does get warm to the touch.
I also believe the testing was back to back so the LED should have already been warmed up internally.
I hope that helps.

CCT spread graph added to first post.

Thank you/him for sharing the work and taking the time.

Btw CCT chart. 8)



Your welcome RaceR86, foxtrot824 has now posted this on cpf so no need to keep it secret :bigsmile:

It is interesting that this LED has very close CRI throughout range.
I had assumed from older tests that LEDs increase in CRI as current goes up.

Hehe... the numbers you shared looked like his work. Have he done similar stuff in the past that can be found online? (except the Nichia 219 testing I linked to earlier) Normally I don't read on CPF.

Btw, for people reading, his blog has some cool stuff. :)

There is also his XML2 regular tested here:

[cpf link](XM-L2 "review" (mostly lumen and CCT testing) | Candle Power Flashlight Forum

Yes, his blog has some pretty cool work, love the bar lighting.

Thanks for the link! :)

I just received this LED, its sitting on my desk waiting for me to decide where its going, thanks so much for doing this, i love accurate data! :slight_smile:

Test of XM-L2 T4 6A2 80+CRI LED from IO (Instaled in wizard pro)