XP-E2 1D tint, bare, at Illumination Supply


Thanks. That’s just great. Another batch of money converted to emitters that i don’t even know how to use yet.
Any estimates on how much current they will tolerate when copper-mounted on a sinkpad?

Match tested them to do 480L at 2.4A (8.3W iirc).


Try this...

Ah, right, there was that. Sorry, sometimes my brain just stops working. :slight_smile:

thats funny match……… LOL thanks I was derailed for like 30 minutes reading your info…………. Thanks!!!

Added to BLF LED database

Well darnit! Now I need to convert some more flashlights to XPE2… thanks to Match! |(

Match's XP-E2 data implies that you would see returns by running a well-sinked XM-L2 at 9.6A, or XP-G2 at 4.8A.

The only problem I can foresee is the fact that the two bond wires the Gen.2 'SC3' emitters now use could all be the same and would drop more voltage at higher currents.

Should I be using this instead of an XR-E R2 for my aspheric? Of course I would need to finally attempt a reflow though.

That’s a great question…there is one way to find out :wink:

If you reflow it to a SinkPad star and drive it hard: 480L/mm2 should spank an XR-E regardless of the latter's advantageous viewing angle for aspherics.

That's what I was thinking. In a few months I'll have to fire up my lathe and make a new heatsink for my SF L2m aspheric and see if I can get the reflow to work a la Match.

I hadn’t seen your Ahorton L2m build till just now. How’d you end up liking it? Looks pretty bright from here…but I bet a hotrodded XP-E2 version would be even more boss :cowboy_hat_face:

It's a good thrower, of course I never use it like 99% of my lights ;) I hate the cool tint of the R2 though.

I think you can get the xpe2 in neutral tint 5700k and its still a R5 so that would be a bump of 3 bins and a lot better tint. I just ordered some from digikey and they shipped it out under $3. But that is for bare emitters though.


It's a good thrower, of course I never use it like 99% of my lights ;) I hate the cool tint of the R2 though.

[/quote] Haha, unfortunately I know what you mean. I used to try to use all my lights to justify having them but it became too much of an effort a long time ago.

I would be remiss not to mention that the XP-E2 that IS just began selling is 1D tint--one of the best cool tints

Well I ordered 3 of these since they were so cheap, as I'm sure I will ruin a few attempting to reflow.