xp-g vs. xr-e(q5)

I swapped out an xr-e p5 for an xp-g emitter in my sf l2. I understand the limitations of a p60 but still find its performance exceptional for my application. The q5 emitter gave good throw but not so much spill. I was expecting the xp-g to give me more spill and more throw as many if you have said they make good throw emitters. I wasn’t expecting xm-l performance but I am a little disappointed. It has great flood but not much throw. Its quite a bit less than the q5. Is this what I should expect or is there another issue at hand such as the emitter needing adjust in the reflector or the reflector being the issue due to it being made for an xr-e and not an xp-g? Give a guy some help! Thanks!

I’m pretty sure you ned to adjust the reflector so it’s closer to the LED. the XR-E is taller.
I have an XP-G on the way for just this kind of experiment, so I’m interested in seeing what others have to say on this too.

Also keep in mind that the led surface area of an xpg is quite a bit larger than that of an xre. If both emitters are being driven to the same level, I’d imagine that the xpg would end up having a lower surface brightness, which may be the cause of the comparatively poor throw.

Can you post a beamshot?

Likely, the beam will improve if you raise the reflector off the pcb 1 to 2mm. That's normally what you have to do if you use a XRE reflector with a XPG/XPE. A beamshot would help make sure though.

That’s a good point about the surface area and lower brightness at the same drive level. However, since the XP-G can be driven harder I’m hoping to get more throw and a larger spot. We’ll see…

Sorry I don’t have a camera to post any pictures. The emitter is driven at 1.4amps. Ill try to move the reflector away from the emitter and see if that helps… thanks

I think that would be the wrong direction. The goal is to get the LED emitting surface exactly where the old XR-E was. Since the XR-E is thinker, I’d say you need to move the reflector closer to the LED. This is usually more difficult as you may need to modify the reflector base.
So, try moving it away first, if that doesn’t help, time to start grinding :slight_smile:
You may only need to move it a tiny bit, as it will make a big difference. Try small strips of paper and gradually built it up.

No worries.

Does it look like you have a distinct hotspot, or does it look a little bit out of focus?

I'd be going with a xpg2 or an xpe2 instead of an xpg

Well I figured it out. The emitter was too close to the reflector. I shimmed it out and whoa! the hotspots is tighter and more focused. Never thought I could get more throw from a p60!

Nice. Glad that worked.

Next time, just use a XPG reflector.