XP-G2 S2 0D

I’m thinking about direct driving this LED what do you THINK?

How does the tint compare to a Nitecore P12 stock?

0D ? That’s a gross tint with terrible CRI

Haha I know I <3 CRI.
I just want to have a “bright” looking emitter. This would be installed in the XinTD x3

0D? Damn, no thanks. That should be around 7500K.
And direct drive can shift tints even more blue. But I guess what else would one do with it when you want max lumens.

That would kind of mean a non-warm/neutral emitter. You will have a blue looking emitter with 0D. For example if you want to have a white looking emitter you can get the 2B. If you are a neutral/warm-only guy of course it will look bad for you but surely way better than 0D.

Not worth it. Just get an S3 3C from intl. 0D is tge nastiest blue

just impatient with the xpl HI on a single noc. I figured I would ask about this 0d because I have never seen that tint before haha

You can find any cree tint in their Binning and Labeling datasheet.

The color of a dedomed XP-G2 0D is really nice, somewhere between 2B and 3C.

I recommend you de-dome it and see if you agree with Lothar. I tend to like my LED’s on the cool side of neutral. If you can get that with a de-domed 0D bin, that would be amazing! By the way, where did you get these XP-G2 0D’s? Did you get a good price?