XP-G3 3A S5 Output test by Texas_Ace. Impressive results for a budget LED, amazingly close to the D320 219C

Yet another installment, you get the idea by now, same setup as the rest.

Top bin XP-G3 from the VOB group buy last year. Good output and Vf. The Vf allows for the peak current on a high drain cell in an FET light to perfectly match peak output which is nice.

The real surprise is how dang close the D320 219C from RMM is to the XP-G3 in both output and Vf.

The 219C is the clear winner though, way better tint, far less tint shift and just overall nicer to look at, although the XP-G3 is still quite nice and it is cheap. For the price it is hard to beat.

This also illustrates part of why I think we are reaching the limits of the 3535 footprint in the ~30-40W range. The XP-G3 has a larger thermal pad then the 219C and maintains output a bit longer.

Like normal, click the images for larger version:

Thanks Texas Ace!

Nice, i haven’t ventured into the XP-G3 emitters due to what i’ve read so far, think i’ll stick with the good old D320 219c for now.

Not as impressive as I expected…

Add the XP-L HI to your list of LEDs to test some day! :smiley:

EDIT- well look at that, my wish comes true about 8 seconds after!

lol, I had some spare time today so figured I would finish up these LED tests I had “backordered” before I got sidetracked.

U da best :slight_smile:

Great info, TA. Thanks for putting the together!

Thanks TA. :THUMBS-UP:

I’m always click on your led tests first.