XP-L HI, 5-mode P60 Drop-in from Kaidomain (Arrived)

Note that it’s fixed. That’s fast. Will PM you for any Kaidomain problems.

Thanks for the review, just ordered the C12 OP as I already have a C12 w SMO so I can swap back and forth.

and this http://www.kaidomain.com/product/details.S024272
as well as the 5 mode P60 drop in.

BLF code still works as well.

Lots of lego fun coming!

Hey Muto, is that C8 pill listing wrong also? It says that it is copper, it looks more like brass to my eyes.

Can you confirm BanL

They tend to call all brassy colored things copper.
Someone said there is no Chinese word for brass, do not know if this is fact or not.

It probably is neither true brass or true copper, some kind of blend. Still should be better than the alum. ones.
I like the fact it is 3 modes, No Blinky :slight_smile:

Chinese describe in colour. “yellow copper”=brass and “red copper”=true copper.