XP-L HI V2-1A on Sinkpad for $6.45 @ LED-DNA Pre-Order

Billy is at it again :) Coupon BLF15 will NOT work on Pre-order items though. Orders over $20 will have tracking, usually shipped via HK Post.

The bulk pricing is pretty tempting too :cash:

This is a pretty good price, and for $1.50 less, you can not have a sinkpad… Thanks for this…

Sinkpad is an addon price above the base price.
So is shipping.

The price is $4.95 before adding $1.50 for a sinkpad, so the title is correct.

Shipping is $1

In the OP’s pic, the price is WITH the SinkPad… I priced five of these and the shipping was $1.00, so with the bulk price, five of these are $29.05 and shipping makes them $30.05 or $6.01 each… not bad for XPL HI V2 on DTP copper sinkpad right now… Could be less with the BLF15 code after Monday…. I am sure in a year or two these will be less as the next latest and greatest come about.

RMM is out of the V3 2B’s I like, but these may do for the money, though the wait will be MUCH longer… :weary:

They also have other good pre-order deals, like an XM-L2 U3-1A for $2.50, and an XP-L V6 3A for $3.85.

Not to derail my own thread but wow $2.50 for XM-L2 U3-1A, there goes my wallet!

Free shipping on the XP-L 3A and XM-L2 1A too