XP-L vs XM-L2 OTF Tests

Thanks for sharing your tests. I'm new to this whole XP-L business and have only scanned the old threads. Am I correct that the XP-L can't be used with XP-G optics? I have a bike light coming which has 4 XP-G's and was going to swap them out for XP-G2 NW's, but should I consider the XP-L instead?



DBCstm, in your eyeball experience, what tints are you getting with the XPL dedomes? Original tint to approximate dedome tint? What method of dedome are you using? By the pic I would say Hot dedome but want to confirm…


I am starting to buy more xp-l over XML and xml2. I am really liking xpl


I dedomed the XP-L so that it would fit under the triple XP-G optic that I modded for someone. He created a video running at 3 amps. Skip ahead to about 1:25.

Alex, not sure what to call it on tint but it’s definitely a more pleasing color than the de-domed XM-L2’s I’ve been doing lately. Many of the 1A’s even have a greenish hue, so I’m pleased with the XP-L’s compared to those.

Pleased enough to use one in my Texas Poker, which should say it all right there. :wink: Swapping from the de-domed XP-G2 at 552 lumens with no other changes, the XP-L gives me 921. Major difference with a 3.3A pull. When you consider that the smaller die was being driven at double it’s recommended amperage, and the XP-L is just barely over it’s max, I’d have to think it’s more efficient with it’s power consumption vs. output but don’t know how to figure all that out. Mind you, this is a 3” long light with a head diameter barely larger than a penny. It runs on an Efest IMR10440 cell. Yes that’s right, from a AAA sized Li-ion it’s making 921 lumens! I call that a win! And this is why it’s a beast in a triple. :bigsmile:

I first started only doing gas de-domes, they come off much quicker on these new ones. The one in the pic is my first hot de-dome and it went pretty well. Wasn’t sure, lol.

Finally got my hands on XP-L recently. It feels like much brighter version of XP-G2 rather than XM-L2. XP-L is definitely the LED that I am going to stock up right now.

The only dislike right is the "XM-L to XP-G reflector converter" (gasket for centering) cost more XM-L model.

XP to XM adapter: http://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/7-5MM-Insulation-Spacer-for-led-CREE-XM-L/411584_612054094.html

The flat ring the reflector sits on is VERY thin, around .012". No sanding required for those reflectors that need the LED up as high as possible.

Is this the first test showing that CREE was not exaggerating their ratings for the XP-L LED?

They have never done that, so that is why my question was, why would they do it now?

Nice test pflexpro!

Thanks nitroz! I'll check it out for sure. Guess after awhile we'll start seeing XP-L optics.


You guys are talking over my head again :slight_smile: I have to wait on emitters but your talking throw with dedomed or not dedomed? What about the XP G2?

XP-L and XM-L2 have the same size die (the semiconductor chip covered with the yellow phosphor, the part the light comes from), throw will be the same. XP-G2 has a much smaller die. The dome makes the apparent die size larger (like a magnifying lens). Remove the dome and the die, as the reflector/optics see it, gets smaller.

pflexpro, can you test T6 3C vs V4 3D, like the 5V vs U2 the V4 should be slightly above T6.
For me as like for many others 3C has that unwanted slight greenish in it V4 3D seems like a great pinkier/neutral alternative to 3C. I've some XP-L V4 3D on the way.

XP-L V4 vs XM-L2 T6

Actually here are some other comparisons from the CREE PCT.

XP-L V5 vs XM-L2 U2

XP-L V6 vs XM-L2 U3

Thanks for doing a side-by-side for us.

I do like the power/tint combo on the XP-L, since I'm more of a 2C/3C kind of guy than a 1A kind of guy.

Rumor has it that the U3 binned XM-L2s are going to be coming out soon, which may level the playing field yet again.

can you reveal the source of this rumor?

If I told you I'd have to kill you! Well, I don't wanna say who it was because I'm not sure on the timeframe, and there have been delays before on this sort of stuff, but I would rate the source as "highly credible".

They already has been out for a long time but in very small numbers.
Cutter have them : U3 in 1C tint and U2 in neutral white.

could you tell us who after it is released?

If it were any chinese website i would assume it was a fake, but cutter has a good reputation to lose if they are lying

Could you share the data for all 4 samples instead of just the emitter averages? It would be interesting to see the spread within the emitters as a backdrop to the spread between them. Especially given all the variances just in the data sheets.

I thought the TangsFire C8 8W XM-L2 U3 1300LM Aluminum Alloy Flashlight Black from here TangsFire-C8-8W-XM-L-U3-1300LM already had a XM-L2 U3?