xr-e drop in

So I got a 501b from fast tech that came with a “250 lumen xr-e 5-mode”. I wasn’t expecting it to be too bright, but it pulls 1.7A on high with a single 18650. Pretty good hot spot.

I also got a 450 lumen single mode xp-g 18v that I should not have got, it only pulls 1A. Weaker than the xr-e. I assume that is from the fact that it is an 18v drop in and I am using a single 18650.

So, are xr-e drop ins the best for throw? I actually really like the 5 mode I got, but want an even brighter one If possible. Suggestions?

Are they easy to add a resistor to to get a bit more current? Different thrower drop in?

I love xml lights, but a nice thrower drop in would be fun.

yeah XR-E is a champ as far as throw, especially with aspheric lens. Output - No. Viewing angle: 90 degrees

I haven't tried the new XP-E2. has new improved output angle - 110 degrees.

I like the XP-G2s. Better throw, though less lumens then your XM-L, but not as bad as the XR-E.

interestingly OMG lumens used an XP-C - I think it has the smallest die surface area (3.45 x 3.45).

I don't know much about swapping resistors... hopefully someone will comment on that.

At 1.7A, I suspect that is a direct drive 501B (many of them are). The XR-E is rated at 1A max. Usually whne you see that exceeded, it’s DD. My XR-E Q5 C8 is DD, draws about the same as yours, and throws really nice (currently my best thrower, until my HD2010 arrives).