Xtar B01 switch assembly

I always wanted to replace the switch in my Xtar B01 with a reverse clicky. So today I took the tailcap apart to see what kind of switch would fit in there.

This is the view inside the tailcap:

The plastic switch screws out and looks like this:

My first thought was that it is a regular switch inside a threaded housing, so I opened that up, too. Bad idea... Suddenly flashlight switch parts were raining down on me

I figured out how the parts belonged together and reassembled the switch.

Unfortunately it wouldn't work properly anymore. After some crawling around I found another washer-like metal part, figured out where it fits and put everything back together. Works fine again. Phew.

Anyway, do you know if there is a reverse clicky that fits, or if other Xtar lights have the same switch in a reverse clicky configuration?