Xtar DOA

I bought two Xtar 18650 3100 mAh cells in August. Been using them in my Dereelight DBS V3 3SM XM-L T6 Neutral and charging them in an Xtar WP6 charger. Today one the cells is completely dead. It will not charge, and it measures a whopping .1 mv on my meter. I really thought that I was onto some good batteries here, but I guess it's time to start my search all over again.

It's perfectly fine. :) The protection circuit simply tripped. Lemme find a diagram on how to untrip it without a good charger.

Ok, here it is.

Only do this for 1 second but it will reset the protection circuit and the battery will be better. It will most likely be around 3 volts.

Nice save, Scaru! ;)

Thank you Scaru! Worked like a charm!

Any idea what may have caused it to trip? It was just sitting in my light taking up space... LOL

Glad to hear it worked. I'll explain what happened here. :)

Those batteries are "protected" this means they a little circuit board on the bottom of them that prevents over-discharge, over-charging, or over-current. What happened with you is you discharged it to much and the protection circuit kicked in to prevent the voltage from going any lower.

The same thing would happen if you put it in a charger that didn't terminate. It would trip to prevent anything going wrong. It also would trip if you short circuited the battery, again to protect the battery.

Edit: Just saw the updated post and my guess is that they were already fairly low and self discharged until it kicked in. You didn't try to turn it on and then realize it wasn't working?

And what are these wires on the “diagram”.

Where t they are connected? To MM? And on which setting is MM?

This should be a sticky!

Not really, it isn't even my picture. HKJ originally posted it and I use it now. :)

No where, it is just a simple short circuit. What happens here is the two batteries are wired in parallel and current flows from the good battery to the bad battery. This is like being placed in a charger.

I turned the light on, it came on for about 15 seconds then went off. That's when I decided to charge them.

Yeah, they probably were already pretty low and then that finally tripped it.

Thank you again for all the information. It's always a good day to learn something new.

Happy to help. :D

Now this is the kind of stuff that made me stay here Scaru. Us flashaholics that are electrically impaired just need simple instructions that are easy to understand.
One day my I-Mini just stopped working and Bryan Chen at Shining Beam told me to remove the tailcap and bridge the battery and battery tube with a tweezers or a knife. The light came on so we knew it was the switch. Just a slight tightening of the switch cover and my light was as good as new. That little trick of testing if the head worked is something I wouldn’t have ever figured out myself.
It’s members patience with helping lost souls through trivial problems is why I decided to camp out here.

I always try to be patient as even a year ago I was a complete noob in the world of electronics.

I remember last september I was looking into solar panels and SLA batteries and I had to ask someone how long it would take to charge it off a 60 watt solar panel. :P

Hey Scaru, you’re two posts away from 4000 nirvana… got any goodies in store for us?

He promised to give away the Pilot PTK/PCC Mag, didn't he?

I thought it was the pilot/ptk mag and an old lumens collection… 0:)

Damn, I've been posting to much. (This is my 4000th!) There will be a giveaway and I will start it tomorrow. Unsure of what it will be yet...