XTAR Dragon VP4 Plus

gday all …… I am thinking of buying an XTAR Dragon VP4 Plus as I want to be able too charge all

slots at 1A as well as have a couple with 2A as well to go with my XTAR SV2 Rocket , is there any

reason not to get one of these chargers as I realy like my rocket :person_facepalming: :sunglasses: and think it should work fine .

cheers D

The SkyRC MC3000 is probably a better choice. Price is about the same IIRC, but the MC3000 is far more capable.

There is a comprehensive review link in my signature which is worth reading. Also, read HKJs technical review of this charger and alternatives.

The SkyRC is very capable but more aimed at hobbyists. The XTAR Dragon is more consumer orientated and simplistic. The Dragon is currently my charger of choice.

I have this charger as well and wrote a review for it, the percents are all wrong, but it does charge perfectly well and can do 1A for all slots and 2A for two slots.
I would not buy it because the cost is more then the features you get in return.

ok then so I am after some advice then I just want to charge at 1A in for slots

gizmo’s don’t faze me (as a matter of fact the less the better) and 2A would just

be a bonus .

cheers D

I am also pondering this charger, out of the dragon or skyRC mc3000. Or do i just buy another opus bt c3100 v2.2 as it does everything i need……………decisions decisions!