Xtar Moon RC2 Camping Lantern Pod Egg Thing... Whatever it's cool!

Hi all,

If you have a Moon RC2, please let us know what you think of it.

Interesting, thanks for the review.



Got one.
Using it for camping, sailing, child bike light…
Good idea, could use better UI, better IPX rating and stronger battery

nice thing!

thanks for the review!

Hey Matt … another fine video.

I own several of the “Moon” units. I find these to be super handy. I have one clipped to my bailout pack, stuck to the fridg and metal racks in my garage. I added a neodymium earth magnet mod to the clips using Loctite G02 glue. Excellent tint, output and run time. The UI and output levels do not bother me at all as I am use to and like immediate usable light at start up. Whats really nice is the ability to use the light while charging at the same time. Virtually unlimited runtime with the addition of a battery bank or powered USB outlet. It is amazing that Xtar was able to cram a 18650 into this handy little light. Highly recommended.

Thanks for the pictures Will.

I wonder what the parasitic drain is. This could be a problem since this light might tend to sit a while between uses.

illumn … (formally Illumination Supply) … is offering these incredible lights on eBay for a ridiculous price of $10.99 including shipping. These are great lights and just thought I would share. I just picked up four more.

http://www.ebay.com/itm/232322619894 (link is external)

Thanks for the heads up! Ordered one for 10.99. Can’t beat the price.

Thanks weklund!!

I have a question. Is there any way to take it apart without damaging it?

To me it looks risky. It appears to be put together using plastic pressure snap/prongs. No screws etc visible.

I guess when it comes time to replace the battery I’ll try using my fiberglass reinforced nylon spudgers. There’s nothing to lose at that point.

Nice! Mine shipped 4 hours after ordering it.

Got today! Took only 2 days from California to Long Island, NY. Pretty amazing.
First impressions, I like it. The UI could be better but it’s not that bad, to be honest. It’s solidly built and has decent output. I like the tint as well.