XTAR PB2 or Zanflare C2 for unprotected 18650 batteries?

Hi, I’d like to know your opionion between Xtar PB2 and Zanflare C2.
Which of both charges the unprotected 18650 batteries better? Which would you buy?
Thank you.

Depends on what you need. One is more like a powerbank with removable 18650 cells and the other is more like a charger with powerbank functionality.

The Xtar PB2 has better portability since it has a cover but it can only charge unprotected 18650 cells. It will also only charge at a set current depending the number of batteries inserted. 1A each for two batteries and 2A for one battery.

The Zanflare C2 can charge many different sized Li-ion batteries as well as Ni-MH. Can display more information other than a simple percentage. And it also has different charge options: 0.3A, 0.5A and 1A.

Then Zanflare C2 seems can discharge then re-charge the batteries. Do I understand well? Is it important this option for unprotected 18650 batteries?

If I put one battery only on the slot, can Zanflare C2 charge the battery with 2A like Kratax PB2 or only with 1A?

Can Zanflare C2 charge its inserted batteries connected to a computer like Xtar PB?

Doesn`t seem like it has that feature. Only if you upgrade and get the Zanflare C4. It is only an important feature if you need to test the capacity of the battery or if you want to drain it for storage. If you don`t plan on doing either then you can save on cost.

You will get a slower charge.


If you really only care about the output function, a question I would want answered is what would happen if you are charging both the batteries and a phone? Will it charge phone first, then batteries? or both at the same time? Other people have complained about the PB2 cutting off early and not charging the phone to 100%. I don’t have a unit so I can’t answer these questions for you.

I thank you for your exhaustive answers. But I didn’t understand the second reply:

  1. if I put one 18650 battery only in XTAR PB, it charges with 2A, is it right?
  2. If I put one 18650 battery only in Zanflare C2, it should charge with 2A too.
    Could you confirm it?

I’m just reading the product specs off the manufacturer’s website. The Zanflare has a max charge current of 1A.

Therefore XTAR PB2 charger should charge one 18650 battery in less time (a half time) because it use 2A. Is it right?
If it is right, XTAR PB2 charger looks better than Zanflare C2. Is it right?


looks to be to me.
I use the XTAR VC2S, which is similar to Zanflare C2, but has 2A charging in 1 slot, or 2 X 1A, NiMh detect charging, IR, and has powerbank output, but only at 5V/1A.

Don’t have a PB2 (or C2) but do have a PB2S. Longer, so will fit pretty much any protected 18650s, as well as 21700s, too. It’s necessarily bigger than the PB2, so if that matters to you…

And the “won’t properly charge a phone” issue is fixed, too.