Xtar VC4SL charger experiences

Naw, humans can’t smell pfas. All chargers have some of that new electronics smell. It’s the volatile compounds from manufacture and in the solder and stuff evaporating off. Like new car smell. Maybe crank down the charging speed. But it shouldnt smell really really bad. If it’s really bad like overpowering or you can’t be in the same room that’s definitely no bueno

Got my VC4 since some weeks and start to testing it.

It seems to be not so worse like my VC4SL but it stopps charging sometimes NiMH much to early.

I´m still trying different Power Supplies and will see if that helps

Even if, if the Xtars without included Power Supply are so sensitive/incompatible it shows a very bad charger design. Nitecore UM(S)-series and Skyrc NC1500 are absoluty unproblematic with different Power Supplies