Xtar WP2S Charger and UL1 in stock

Get them here

VP1 also back in stock


Arrived and shipping now

Hello. Love the UL1! Does it come in a couple of colors? I see a ‘blue’ one in the ad? Does that cable come with it? Great lil light.


free shipping on these?

I have blue and silver, just enter your color of choice in the instructions box at check out.
The cable is included, YES FREE shipping in the USA and Canada.

UL1 almost sold out. I’m a bit surprised. :slight_smile:

not to worry, I’m sending them your way! (https://budgetlightforum.com/t/-/20476#comment-441341)

get some more stock!

UL1 sold out, Pleanty of chargers and other goodies in stock

Chargers still in stock

These are still in stock.
Your choice of color on the UL1, just place instructions in the comments box at check out.

Getting low on blue UL1
get them now before the holiday season.