Xtar WP6ll, or Sysmax/NiteCore i4 ver 2 decision Help

My head hurts. I have been researching a new charger to replace the "no name" 18650 charger supplied with a flashlight deal.

I have read and re-read HKJ (and others) reviews on both chargers and need some Help with a decision. I have a Sony BCG 34 and a Duracell for charging AA, AAA NIMH and they work great.

As I acquire more lights (with different battery requirements) I need a safer way to charge them in a cost effective way. My primary battery is the 18650, but I would like to obtain the 26650 (for my HD2010). I do not need this for travel, so size and wiring is not that important.

Research shows the Sysmax/NiteCore i4 ver 2, (~$23-$26) a good all round charger, but slow when all the bays are being used.

The Xtar WP6 ll, (~$32-$36) does a respectable job with Li-ions, (only), again slow when all bays are in use. I don't know IF I really need 6 bays charging --- AT this time, but nice to have feature for future light purchases.

Some members have suggested to obtain multiple Xtar WP2-ll (~$20-$24). The charging CC/CV is better for the battery life. Maybe I need/want a couple of these.

I really don't want to get into the process of the Hobby Chargers.

I'd like an easy, SAFE. Plug n and Charge setup.

Any Good Deals ?

Any Help is appreciated - Thank You

If you also want support for 26650, check the Xtar SP2, it is a very good charger, that can be used for many size batteries.

The 4 and 6 bay chargers are most useful if you charge the batteries overnight, i.e. have enough time for the slow charger. If you need to charge many batteries "fast", it is better to buy more 2 bay chargers.

For a simple travel charger, I like the ML-102.

YOu’ll be happier with XTAR - much better quality… Different class than this other brand.

I have two XTARs WP2 rev1 and one XTAR WP2 rev. 2, also 4-bay nitecore charger (not so satisfied).

I have the sysmax and I love it. The problem is when charging 4 cells it is really slow, that is why I have the wp6II on the way. Once I get them I can post a comparison but it is stuck in the NY customs. :P

If you want to charge 26650s, the WP6 isn’t the right charger, if I remember correctly.
I use the Sysmax i4 V2, and am really happy with it. So far I didn’t have any problems, it charges all the cells I put into it to the right voltage, and its nice (for me) to have the opportunity to charge standard AAAs, AAs etc.
The good thing about the slow charging is, that it is better for the cells!