Yahoo front page ( Flashlight Spam )

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This spam was from the front page ...

Good to know Yahoo is a spam page ...

An ad for that pos was displayed in the file analyzer for es file manager. I’m filing a complaint about their display of an ad for a scam product.

edit: my comment regarding es file manager

“Your inclusion of an ad for the lightstrike flashlight which uses an exaggerated retail value to make the ‘discount’ price that is10x the average price elsewhere for the same product and false claims that it is used by branches of the US military refects poorly on your company and software.”

Are you sure you didn’t type in “Yea-hoo” instead? We’ve got a lot of that type living around here :open_mouth:

Spam-ola for sure |(


@tekwyzrd, AdAway does wonders for Android.


Switching to a different file manager was a better option. ES notifications were annoying and on the verge of becoming the new equivalent of Cheeta Mobile’s group of interconnected apps.