Yasas from Athens - Greece!

Hello everybody, I’m from Athens-Greece, a newbie to flashlights. Got a tank 07 a few months ago, it’s hanging from my key ring as a valuable assistant, as I’m an architect and a hobbyist photographer. A week ago I got a Tusa TL400 wide beam diving flash light as another of my hobbies is apnea diving (well… “splashing” would fit better, as I don’t go under 4-5 meters, for my ears sake). I’m here after a friend’s suggestion, and I have to say it was a good one!!!

Thanks Horst :slight_smile:

An underwater photo with some help from TL400. As you can see it’s good for auxiliary light source!

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Ps. The photo is not visible for people who are not registered to that forum. :(

Thanks! Hemm… so is there a procedure to upload photos here?

Welcome, half a dozen Greek people are here!

You have to upload them to somewhere like photobucket and just hotlink to here.

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Welcome to BLF!

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Welcome to blf, to be honest I mostly clicked to see what kind of a greeting Raccoon City would send our new friend Cacau!

Welcome to BLF, Cacau.

Welcome to BLF

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Καλώς όρισες!!!

thanks to all of you, I think I have to drop by Racoon city to check who are all these people in my home :slight_smile:

Nice to meet you and here!