Yellow (body) LED flashlight for desaster work

My wife has been accepted into her internship with the American Red Cross as part of her studies for college. She got her bag of gear from the Red Cross today. In it was a POS 2 D cell incan flashlight that was maybe 10-20 lumens. I would like to get her something of better quality and much brighter. I am here because I do not want to pay $200 for a flashlight either. She has small hands but I do not want a tiny flashlight either. I want the light to be able to survive a fall should that ever happen. My wife’s job with the Red Cross is disaster relief and for the internship she is on call 24/7 365 as of now for at least the summer months.

How about Solarforce P1 and some suitable drop-in?

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That was my first thought as well... A high voltage drop-in and she can use CR123a cells if needed...

i would go for lightmalls C8 XM-L2 for under $20, it’s very bright for a small size light. you won’t be dissapointed with this light.
i like it so much i bought 3 of them :wink:

Does she have a preference for type of cell?

Buy what ever you like and make it yellow,see here,47447
I have problems with my hands and I use this stuff on a lot of things. There is no glue on it.
This stuff it sticks to its self. It holds up well, makes things “gripper”. It may also be available
from Home depot, Lowes, Ace hardware, any good electrical supply. Its also known as self fusing tape, available in the
Duck brand as Wrap-Fix.

Yellow Plasti Dip is another idea; it’s not hi-vis though:

Or this?