Yep, I also need a little help with my first XML ^^

OK, guyz, I'm a semibudget light lover, and I think it is time to switch to new li-ion batts (18650) and XML (and my b-day is right around the corner 0:) )

Price range? Yeah, $0-35 more or less :bigsmile: Semibudget XMLs are a little bit pricey at this time (unless paying 5-10 bucks more I will get a much better light), so will need to buy my first budget light $)

A must have:

- multimode

- XML T6 obviously :bigsmile:

- 1x18650

- need more throw that flood (but without getting cree rings)

Another things I would like to have (but not a must have):

- at least 3 level of brightness (low-med-hi or starting with med, preferably)

- ability to tailstand

- memory mode :exmark:

- all those things like: waterproof, glass lens, HAII or HAIII ( :p ) coating, good heatsinking...

Don't mind:

- if it's a body+dropin

- color, body shape/size

- don't mind ext. tube for 2x18650

Don't want:

- party modes, but hey? What lights doesn't have them? :~

So, here some lights that can suits my needs (if you know another light, please suggest it :D ):


- Solarforce L2 Black CR123A/18650 Flashlight Body + Solarforce 5 mode w/ Memroy IC XM-L T6 Cree 820 Lumens 3-6V: 11,50+21,99=$33,49 + shipping

DX lights:

UltraFire WF504B XM-LT6 5-Mode 510-Lumen White LED Flashlight with Strap - Black (1 x 18650): $20,40

UltraFire TH-T60 HA-II XM-LT60 5-Mode 1200-Lumen White LED Flashlight with Strap (1 x 18650): $29,10

UltraFire KH-T60 HA-II XM-LT60 5-Mode 1200-Lumen White LED Flashlight (1 x 18650): $32,80

UltraFire NH-T60 HA-II XM-LT60 5-Mode 1200-Lumen White LED Flashlight with Strap (1 x 18650): $32,50

UniqueFire M9 CREE XM-L 3-Mode 750-Lumen White LED Flashlight with Strap (1*18650): $32.50

UniqueFire T6 XM-LT6 3-Mode 750-Lumen White LED Flashlight with Strap (1*18650): $29,80

Brinyte XML-C8 CREE XML-T6 5-Mode 6700K 850LM White LED Flashlight with Strap (1*18650): $26.60

Brinyte XML-C2 CREE XML-T6 5-Mode 6700K 450LM White LED Flashlight with Strap (1*18650): $23,70

Eastward YJ J06 CREE XM-L T6 3-Mode 900-Lumen White LED Flashlight with Strap (1*18650): $32.70

Eastward YJ J01 CREE XM-L T6 3-Mode 900-Lumen White LED Flashlight with Strap (1*18650): $32.90

KD lights:

KD Tough Tactic V1 Cree XLM T6 5-mode 1000 Lumen LED Flashlight(1*18650): $25.80

Manta Ray C8 Cree XML T6 1000 Lumen 5-Mode LED Flashlight (1*18650): $28,46

Manta Ray L2 Cree XML T6 1000 Lumen 5-Mode LED Flashlight (1*18650): $21.16

Solarforce L2 Cree XML T6 1000 Lumen 5-Mode LED Flashlight (1*18650): $23.63

Ultrafire C1 Cree XML T6 5-Mode LED Flashlight (1*18650): $24.35

RQ 07 Cree XML T6 1000 Lumen 5-Mode LED Flashlight (1*18650): $24.00

Ultrafire 502B Cree XML T6 1000 Lumen 5-Mode LED Flashlight (1*18650): $22,68

Ultrafire 501B Cree XML T6 1000 Lumen 5-Mode LED Flashlight (1*18650): $22.08

KD C8 CREE XML T6 1000 Lumen 5-Mode LED Flashlight (1*18650): $25.27

MF lights:

UltraFire UF-980L 980-Lumen T6 Memory LED Flashlight (1*18650): $43.00

Cree T6 5-Modes Memory LED Drop-in Module (4.2V max): $16,45

Ultrafire Cree T6 3-Mode Memory LED Drop-in Module (4.2V max): $16,40

UltraFire U80 T6 750-Lumen 5-Mode Memory LED Flashlight (1*18650/17670): $42.33

I'm pretty happy with my black TF 14500, will black 18650 drive well XML or should I buy IMR 18650?

Thanks in advance to everyone can help me :bigsmile:

SashiX, check out this post. You can get the SolarForce L2P from for $19.99 and the Manafont XM-L for $16.40. For $36.39 and the pride of "assembling" it yourself, you'd have a winner.

I can help you eliminate the J01 from your list. DX still has it listed but when I ordered it, they emailed and asked if I wanted a credit or something else. I got the J06 instead. From the beamshots everyone has posted, the drop-in looks pretty impressive. My J06 beamshot wouldn't be as bright I don't believe.

Good luck on whichever one you choose!

Hi there, JB :D Yep, I've seen that thread, but Davx have to choose between only Ultrafire 501, 502, 504 or C1. There are too many lights more that I can buy for that price.

BTW, you mean, not, right? Lighthound have crazy shipping cost to Europe, more than $30, so no way :~

Yeah, sorry, I'm probably too exhausted to be typing in a forum. LOL It is lighthound - you're correct. You have a huge list of choices - that will be a tough decision.

The UltraFire UF-980L is $43.00 and reports are it is bright. But, you could buy 2 of the Manta Ray L2s and have twice the amount of light and .68 cents left over.

LOL that list is for not search every time you suggest something :bigsmile: Well, almost all lights are in my price range and preferences. Difficul to choose, but I hope that with your help I will discard more of them ;)

Hi, Langcjl. Thanks for the reply. Yeah, could be a nice choice. 7.99+16,40=$24,39 :D The only thing... from reviews, looks like I will need a good AR coated lenses for that body. Good P60 host with good heat-sinking.

UPDATE: what about regulation? Is it good on that drop-in?

My vote is for this manafont T6 drop-in and the solarforce host of your choice. The drop-in from manafont is one of the nicest and brightest out there right now, and fits all of your criteria (3mode with memory, no strobes). Plus, with the solarforce you get the flexability of swapping out the drop-in as easily as swapping batteries. Bonus points if you get the AR lens.

Really hard to go wrong with that set-up.

Thanks, Match. So you recommed body+dropin? Well, thinking better, it's a good choice, because you can buy another dropin later and swap them and I have to admit that this dropin is the best for me: no party modes, memory and a SMO reflector for a better throw :D Does SF bodies comes with AR coated lenses? Anybody knows that? And comparing MF dropin to SF dropin?

Best bet on an AR lens is to get one from KD for ~$2. As far as differences between MF and SF drop-in:

-No party modes on the MF drop-in

-MF drop-in will be a hell of a lot brighter. The SF drop-in is run at reduced current whereas the MF drop-in will give you an honest 3A.

There is no point in buying an L2P from USA if you are located in Europe, buy from HK, cheaper and faster.

You should improve the heatsinking with aluminium strips (better than foil), but you still won't have good enough heatsinking to run it on full for extended periods of time (unless maybe if using it outside when it's very cold).

I have two Solarforce drop-ins (not XM-L though) and both are rather crappy, so I wouldn't bother with them.


But i would also consider the skyray body at 7,99 which is very nicely made if you happen to like the looks.

Would also pay the 2usd worth of multilayer coard lens from KD.

I have that setup (actually have two, the other is the infamous 504B new style that i happen to like alot)

Both KD lensed and manafont 3 H-M-L dropin with SMO reflector.

You can't go wrong. The genuine solarforce L2(xy) are probably the best budget P60 hosts. Comes at a bit highr price. I have clones and one genuine to compare. If you're not picky both work the same way but you can feel the genuine solarforce is better made.

If you get the Solarforce L2i, do you still need the lens from KD?

It's not a really a need but it's kinda "pimp my torch" category. A 8-12% more light transmittance was mesured by those who swapped generic lenses for those. I consider it the best and easiest upgrade for cheap. Occasional users will probably not bother.

I like that, 'Pimp my Torch' category. So instead of the word mod you can say, 'hey guys, I just pimped my torch with a manafont xml'. :bigsmile:

LOL...thanks for that


As someone who just ordered the MF drop in and Solarforce host last week, I'm interested in knowing what an AR lens would do for the combo, and if someone had a link to one. I've looked on KD and there are a bunch of lenses. I'm pretty new, obviously, and just trying to learn...thanks!



Here you go....

This information was given to me by the guys on here. I have not ordered either lens yet but I believe several have ordered the second type but the first one would fit also. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong.

I got these and i'm not alone:

Very happy with.