Yep, I also need a little help with my first XML ^^

I just ordered 3...thanks a lot guys...I love this forum!


Maybe this is he XM-L we should be buying

TrustFire X-Series X8 CREE XM-L T6 LED 5-Mode Aluminum Torch

Really useful this post! Me and SashiX are searching for (almost) the same light! I have a little lower budget (0-22 dollars) .
I have to thank you Sashix because you found flashlight that i don't.
I was going for DX 504 but now i have more choice. Also KD Manta ray L2 don't seems to be bad.
Two doubt..

- the difference in lumen between DX 504 (500) and KD Manta Ray (1000) is only for the board?

- One of these is more balanced between flood and thrower or are all mostly thrower?

Sorry if i use sashiX post for my questions...

Someone who has both MF dropin and C8 or J01, can you compare them? If I remember well, Don has both of them. And that Don's thread with big shots of various lights... have to find it.

Nah, Davx, no prob ;) Firstly I thought using your post would be a great idea, because as you said, we are both looking fot (almost) the same light. Created this because of wider choice. Well DX 504 is a new light, nobody have it. And that KD Manta neither, I think So dunno you will got answer shortly.

Crap, man. For $00,00 I want 10 of them... no, 50 :bigsmile:

I got the L2i with the Manafont T6 XML drop in. It is really really bright, but turns hot have to wrap foil around the drop in. The KD C8 would be my next buy.

I have both the MF XM-L drop-in and the KD C8. They are both very bright but the C8 has more throw and better heat sinking. I have the MF wrapped in aluminum strips in an L2P it is crazy bright. It is brighter and with its smooth reflector has better throw than the KD XM-L drop-in. It also heats up much faster than the C8. If you just want a bright flashlight, then get the C8. If you want to 'pimp your light' with different accessories or upgrade to newer LEDs down the road then I recommend a P60 host and the MF drop-in.

Don't forget that most P60 host tail switches will NOT be able to handle 3+ amps and will burn out.

Yep, I think it's because of the bigger reflector. But... it's an OP reflector :| So if it would be SMO reflector, trhow will be much better. Interesting :p

Thaks for the info ;) Al least we know that L2 can handle MF dropin.

L2? No. L2P? Probaby.

See for example