Yet another laptop battery re-purposing thread

Wife’s laptop died, so I took out the 6 batteries. They are LGES318650 flat tops. According to Google…looks like they are 3.7v 2400mAh.

The markings on the batteries are:


Gonna charge them and record voltage over the next few weeks to see if any hold up. Any other things I should look out for? Don’t worry…I won’t be hooking them up to a car battery :stuck_out_tongue:

Just a little correction - LG S3 is a 2200mAh cell, not 2400mAh.

The Google was wrong…

Any idea if these cells are protected?

Not protected….lol

Not protected, the whole pack has one protection circuit; not the individual cells.

Did you check voltage on the batts after you pulled them before charging again??..…culling out the under 2.0v. ‘bad’ ones.

Not yet. I’ll try to get around to testing them tonight.

Just re-tested my six LG laptop batteries. Originally tested them 5 days ago on 12/22:

Battery 1, 2 & 3: 4.15V (No change)
Battery 2: 4.20V (Was 4.25)
Battery 3: 4.25V (No change)
Battery 6: 4.15V (Was 4.20)

Looks like only 2 batteries changed in 5 days. Those two went down .05V/ea. Keep in mind I am using a cheapo wallyworld MM.

Have these two batteries significantly decreased in 5 days?