Yet another MyLED headlamp deal

Here you go (high-low)

Thank you sir :slight_smile:


Threads don’t just get deleted. Thread starter can’t even do it (which is why you see “Deleted” titled threads). I’m pretty sure some people are abusing the Spam button again.

Makes you wonder if the dealers are marking each other's posts as SPAM

i have 2 of this lights with xml2.

for me the best i can have.

i remove the upper stretcher and wear it with a hat /cap fits very good feeling.

i have the bezel painted with matt black …looks very good!

Just got the 3 I ordered and came pack great and actually came with there own boxes and chargers. Kids wore them all night. I will need to cut some GLAD press and seal to difuse these lenses.

TWO of them for 11,71 $

Code: cou818 (from newsletter)

Be aware that the charging socket probably is directly connected to the batteries. Apart from that I would not trust the accompanying wall charger to perform the correct charging algorithm (if any at all), the standard connector allows one to plug in any other wall charger laying around of any voltage. So keep an eye on who is going to end up with these cheap head lamps!

EDIT: oh no, this appears to be my 3000th post! Will have to fire up the solder iron tonight to produce a nice modded light for a givaway :-)

Gratz to 3k!

using cheapo chargers is dangerous - regardless where they are built in…
but… is there one in the light I linked?

I agree, I would never use the chargers that came with the light. Just stating that it did. Also, Congrats on the 3k.