YEZL Y3 CNQUALITYGOODS Group buy. 3 Versions. See post 274 for delivery details.

I have not paid for AR lens.

Light have not been shipped yet. I will start paypal claim if light have not showed up within 45 days. (Sorry, but I have little trust in CNQ)

Instead of doing manual payment, and PM. Cant Ric just list the AR coated lenses on his webpage and then we place a new order for that? Seems easier to me.

Just ship the lights..

Bought C+AR yesterday.

Sorry, but I paid only the AR lens. So, at the end I bought and paid one Y3 type C and one AR lens.


I cant answer your question as to when these lights will be shipped. Ric has told me that there is still a hold up again with the AR lenses. I have asked the question to clarify when both lots of lights, with and without AR lenses will ship. I have no doubt that they all will be shipped but its the usual lack of information for which I take the blame and apologize that leads to this frustration.

Edit. To date there are 43 sold according to the numbers on the website.

The delay is unfortunate. It would be nice to be informed of such delays, but it isn't your fault. I have no doubt that Ric will ship the orders when possible, but I'd hate to have to file a PP claim if it drags out for too long (45 days).

i wil buy one AR lens alone .

Ordered one version B along with AR lens. Thanks MRsDNF and Ric for the GB :wink:

Well, I’m going to get all ‘Zen’ on you and say that (a) I’m not stuck in the dark, (b) I already have a lot of flashlights, © these are a real bargain, so (d) I’ll just be patient and be pleasantly surprised when one day my flashlight shows up in the mail. :wink: It cost about as much as it would to take my wife out to a modest lunch.

Anxiety-wise, I’d much rather be a buyer than a seller. I already know what sellers go through dealing with their suppliers and being caught in the middle. I’m not going to get bent out of shape over a $35 flashlight (that I don’t need in the first place) that takes a bit longer to come than I’d like. I figure if $35 is a hardship to me, I wouldn’t be blowing it on another flashlight in the first place.

As an added plus, being so forgetful, when it shows up I’ll have forgotten I ordered it, it’ll be like a fall visit from Santa or something. lol

Them’s some spensive belowknee sandwiches!

I’ve bought 2, ver A and C with 1 AR lens.

hoping they ship soon or at least word back from ric on what the hold up is.

Only 6 left.

Thanks for your patience guys.

If there’s one left then I’ll be getting it Saturday (package a + AR).

I have a lot of patience, but… When will they be shipped?

No news yet. The question has been asked. Again thanks for the patience.

Thanks for your hard work on this, we really appriciate it.

Second that — thanks MRsDNF!

I hadn’t realized until looking at Tom’s breakdown that the Yezl Y3 is like the modern remake of an HD2010. Seems to be the accumulated improvements of modders everywhere making the old favorite thrower a better light. So this gets more interesting all the time. :slight_smile:

Initially, I had thought to put an MT-G2 in it, which is why I got the extension tube for 2 cells. Might still do that, undecided at this point, but I’m seeing there may very well be other options for this light. An opposite way of thinking might be to utilize the XP-G2 S2 2B for a tight beam with great throw characteristics. I’m pretty sure that would net a pencil beam, with probably 350-400Kcd fairly easily.

On the other hand, I’m starting to think about slicing the dome and trimming the peripheral phosphor on the new MT-G2, in an effort to get a more traditional beam pattern with a hot spot and a mix of throw and spill in a high output type of light. And since I’ve only got 9 MT-G2 lights, this might be the way to go. :slight_smile:

Or it could be an incredibly massive host for a laser if I could get Ryan to build me one. But he’s coming here soon so that probably won’t happen, unless he has some project requirements in college to fulfill. :slight_smile:

Need to procure the new MT-G2, probably another S2 2B, and make sure my 5200mAh cells are charged. Might be some serious modding in a 2 day weekend extravaganza trying all of the above to see what works best in this light once it gets here. lol

Man, I’ve got too much time on my hands…. it’s ticking away with my sanity…