Yezl Z1 XPG-R5 3-mode first impressions.

I just recieved my Yezl Z1 R5 today. I purchased it from cnqualitygoods because I heard good reviews, and Yezl has a video of them torture testing their lights, so I expected top notch (Chinese) quality.

I opened the package, and the first thing I noticed is that it DOES NOT tailstand as it does in the photo and descriptions. Not even close. The switch protrudes well above the flashlights end.

I also noticed the stainless steel bezel was loose. Upon attempting to tighten it, it only turned and got looser. I discovered that there is less than 1 full thread holding the bezel on, and It is not enough to actually hold itself on. So now I have to glue it on, which I really don't want to do.

PWM in low is very noticeable.

Threads are very sharp and not very smooth. Not the worst I've seen, but not good enough for the price point.

The only positive I have so far is that it was drawing 1.25a on a cell that was not fully charged and it is nice and bright.

Ya, I guess I shouldn't expect much from budget lights, but at $30, it was on the more costly side of budget, and with all of the positives I'd heard, I was expecting much better quality.

I have only spent a minute with the light as I have had a busy evening, but I'll hopefully have a bit more input on the light once I have more time.

The same as Brinyte PD08 @ KD? Keep us informed, mizjif Thanks.

Yours might be a different "version" than the one I have (I thought that it is the same with different name). Mine (Brinyte - Q5) tailstands and it is of very good quality (from shenzen-wholesale). I am waiting for XPG version from kaidomain and get back to you if it is different than sw version.

Finally today gave mine Z1 away , it's in the way south of the country, some of you know if the warmer ones are better for snowed enviroments ? I hope are.

Maybe the other product will be good

I have ordered this one from CNQG 4 days ago. Until now they haven't shipped yet. It seem they have no stock in hand.

Not a good impression for me.

Just recieved my Yezl Z1 R5 too. No problem in bezel, but noticeable PWM in low mode, does not tailstand (although I have asked for tailstand ver), not satisfied with quality, was hoping a better quality for that price, anyone interested to buy mine at a discounted price ?