YLP coupon for BLF

Thanks. I will look at the YLP website anyway, I think they have interesting designs.

Can someone explain Panda 3 UI?

Ru/En user manual is here (pdf):

Thank you.
UI looks good enough for me so I will order one.

Are YLP lights glued?

According to maukka’s review, the G180 is not: ” YLP Gryphon G180 review with measurements (9*XP-G2, 3*18650)“:YLP Gryphon G180 review with measurements (9*XP-G2, 3*18650)
A couple of others also posted that they emitter swapped with Nichia 219C and Samsung LH351D.

What are the shipping rates to the U.S.? Looked around the site, may have over looked it.

Shipping is $7 USD ($450 RUB) for my order of 2 Panda (ship to Hawaii USA).

Not bad. I did see one I liked. G180 I think. Reasonable price as well.

FYI - YLP ships via registered mail. Transit time for my light was 20 days, arrived today :smiley: (not bad, considering). However, registered mail requires signature upon receipt. If you are not home during the day, it might be a good idea to have your order shipped to a friend or family member who is.

The coupon code BLF-1 expires on the 1st May.

Actually, I can ask YLP for other discount options. If there is any interest, pls write here what lights you would like to have on offer.

You can ask for stainless steel bezel for G180. This thin aluminum seems to me very fragile.

As a result, YLP just extended the coupon BLF-1 until June July 1 :wink:

Upd. Oops, that was a typo.

Thank you. I’ve used that coupon code twice already on a couple of headlights. I like them both. Thanks

@fnksb - Are you aware that Paypal blocks payment in some countries? (Austria in this case)

Could be a result of the sanctions… Either way, it’s bad

My workmate cant pay with Paypal business account but with personal account there were no block paying to Russia

Thank you for information.

I have never heard of any problems with PayPal payment before, many people from Europe buy YLP-lights. Perhaps this is really related to the type of account?

Yes, could be.
It didn’t work for a friend of mine and I don’t know the details of his account, all I know is it said something like “transaction denied due to regulatory requirements”, which sounds a lot like “because someone doesn’t like it”.

I ordered earlier today and it worked. My PP is tied to my credit card, maybe PP has a problem with anonymous accounts sending $$ to Russia.

Curious. I attempted to check out the shop to use the coupon and the site timed out (looked suspiciously like it was blocked). I use a local cable internet service here in the US, I’ve never known them to block anything. Anyway, I logged in with a VPN using an overseas entry point and the site loaded fine. Does anyone know if it’s being blocked on the US side or the other, and why? Now I’m wondering if I should just stay away, don’t want to cause trouble or do anything inappropriate.

I live in Ohio and I bought a YLP Panda 2m CRI for a worker a couple of months ago from there website and got it in like 3 weeks. Like it so much i bought one for myself again a couple of weeks after that and got it again in like 3 weeks. I also just recently bought a Falcon f15 and a scorpion x8 a couple of weeks ago and waiting for them in the mail all paid with paypal.