Ylp t95 cri review and tear down

Hi guys

My first review kind of and a tear down

I have a ylp t95 cri

Nichia 209c
Not sure about the carclo optic model but is clear and not frosted

First thing is it Lego’s with convoy s2+

Second thing is the carclo optic fits in my Fw3a and I’ll use it there

No pill
Just aluminium shelf , I’ve got 2 minds what to do with this
Maybe I’m going to put the nichia in a convoy s2+

But I’m starting to get itchy finger and want to test beam shots

I’m at home in self isolation at the moment
Little bit of flu


Nice keyboard :wink:

It looks nice, but I much prefer classic high-profile keys which are actually getting tougher to find these days.

They don’t make them like the old ibm cherry type any more

+1 :smiley:

I meant the pics quality :laughing:
I like high-profile too.
I have impression that low-profile are getting harder to find and mechanical keyboards are popular now.

Ahh , iPhone camera in bad light don’t take great pictures

I’ll edit and make more picture when it’s lighter and have more time


Body is the same as E2L, and it probably has the same threads as S2+.

little bump for new pictures

eventually changed the driver to a convoy 8x7135 biscotti

unsoldered 4x 7135s

changed mode group so high power is only 50%

high power the light only draws 700mA

im super happy with the outcome