You busted battery pack! Don't throw those flat (thin) wires

you never know when they could be useful:

Old Lumens also use this "technique" so it must be good :D

Whoah…flat flat flat!


very nice idea!

World is limitless with kapton and flat bits of metal!

Have an old PC heatsink sitting around? Direct-attach an LED to that sucka!!!

It is nice, though, that some of those strips come pre-insulated with thick polyimide _

That is a very cool idea! :beer:

I wonder what other devices have those thin wires?

AlexGT, you can also buy thin metal strips used for battery packs in several different widths on ebay. Ebay search. Fold kapton over it a couple times.
The wires you can get out of old battery packs are nice since they are sealed in kapton.

Wow, all those flat metal strips with kapton tape that I got from that $9.99 Samsung icr-18650-28 sisouyki deal, all thrown in the trash. Could have recycled it had I given it a second thought!

I had thought about it, I have a bunch of them in a bag.

What would the resistance be for these?