You found new interestingly designed flashlight, share your info here

They let me go on internet again LOL

FL MS2010 - 9 x U2! - this looks like a scaru's project :)

ROF light with Osram led

interesting LED, no doubt...

I was like,

but then I saw the price….

…but it could be easily over 10K lumens IF it’s legit. But the way the LEDs are arranged, that’s a floodmonster from hell. I hope it’s all mounted on copper - those LEDs are close in!

That thing better be liquid cooled with all those u2s clumped together

liquid nitrogen is you friend.

One of my all time favorites is Troutie’s 7 x XML monster aspherical. One of few LED builds that will come close to competing with a decent HID. Open up and say, “Ahhhhh!” :bigsmile: