You have a Flashlight addiction when:

1. You scoff at all the lights in every store you visit.
2. You can’t have just one.
3. You wonder how far the sun could throw with a deep reflector.
4. You know the exact distance to trees in your area.
5. You’re always waiting, ordering, and waiting some more.

When your OCD kicks in and your child is crying while you insist the led will light the candles on her birthday cake.

When you spend more time on this forum than you do any other place on the entire web.
Unless your name happens to be SB, then its understandable. :slight_smile:
When first you get out of the shower and before you even get all your clothes on, your looking for your EDC. :bigsmile:

when you shine a bright light at your face to see just how bright it really is, and temporarily blind yourself

007? You don’t shower with your EDC? :open_mouth: But, how do you keep it clean? That AR lens can only perform at it’s max with zero dirt and fingerprints!

And some of us know that UFO’s no longer have the brightest beam, ask Tom E.

I can remember when certain lights, in stock form, were some kind of Holy Grail, not to be tampered with. Now EVERY light has potential that can only be achieved by cracking it open…

Copper? Did someone say copper? {drooling salivating insatiable bug eyed smiley inserted here}

For 19 years, my Sears rotary tool was a semi-prized possession, enabling me to create and re-create to my hearts desire. Now, just the other day, it got retired due to the delivery of this new upstart…The Proxxon IBS/E which is, ironically, even sold at Sears!

You have a piece of furniture that is dedicated to just holding your lights.

You have at least one multi-emitter and one thrower handy at every entrance to your house.

Finally, you wonder how much longer you can get by in life without a metal lathe.

You have a Flashlight addiction when: you are actually reading this thread.

..when there is a large power outage and you already have a lit light in your hand, indoors. (True story.. :D )

When you mod an AAA light to liion, don’t have any 10440, and you use your 18650 and a dmm to test run it anyway :smiley:

Everyone in your family and most of your friends has at least one light that was specifically chosen for their needs . If a commercially available flashlight wasn't perfect for them , you modded it until it was .

A very angry friend (police captain) calls me to complain. His wife just called him from her car to say that she was completely blinded by the mega light I have on the font of my bicycle, and she needed to stop immediately till she could regain her vision (I ride with a SRK mod). My response: “it wasnt me… I havent been out all day.” They just assumed it was me because Im “the crazy local flashlight guy.”

Ummm... How about when you DON'T do this because you know ALL your lights would blind you?

And when you go to the guy who sells the $150 502b and C8 lights at your local gun show and just laugh, then pull out your $12 pocket EDC that outshines them all 'to compare'.

You order 6’ of thin wall 3/4” brass tubing to make flashlights. 0:)

When the mail lady says “your house gets more packages than anyone else in your zip code—we checked.”
And the UPS guy says the same thing.
And the FedEx guy says the same thing.

When Richard sets up shop in YOUR garage to save shipping costs.

When you get a text message at 6:30AM and it’s the sun, asking you if it’s ok to come up now “Are you done?”

When the moon drops her head in shame, unable to compete even when full.

addiction? I ain’t have have no addiction! twitch twitch

When your neighbor who is 110 yards from your barn and 320 yards from your house calls and says he saw someone with a flashlight looking around your barn at 3:00AM and you were actually at your home shinning the light out the back door.

At Christmas time when your friends and family say they like the light but don’t need anymore lights because of all the ones you have given them in past years.

When you know the difference between lumens and OTF lumens
You have committed to memory the lumen drops of typical flashlight materials (or their thermal conductivities)
You have to bite your tongue when you see what other people call ‘flashlights’