You have a Flashlight addiction when:

when you have a power outage, and the neighbor comes over to ask for a candle, and leaves with a flashaholics version of a candle: an xintd x3 (for runtime, told him med. mode is plenty.), came back next day and asked if he could buy it.

did you sell at list price?

The last thing you do before you sleep is check the forums.
The first thing you do when you wake up is check the forums.
You look forward to a blackout.
When you look at China on a map, all you see is one big flashlight.
When your friends and relatives look at you, all they see is one big flashlight.
If your cremated what do you want to hold your ashes ?
Your passwords are flashlight related.
You scoff at the lights the police and firemen are supplied with.
When you turn on your light you enjoy hearing, WOW, Holy S**t, from people around you.
You shine your light on a white wall during daylight.
You have a light on you during daylight.
You don’t want to truthfully say how much you spend on flashlights to people.

You insist there if a torch version (because flashlight is an Americanism) of whatever theme the children in your family currently are into and seek to get them as gifts (Hello Kitty for those wondering).

… When you are adding flashlights to your online shopping cart and then you franticly hit the “minimize” button when the wife opens up the door.

and you like it. So you order a couple more - just because.

That happens to me often!

Ooooh God, I need a doctor :stuck_out_tongue:

…when you start thinking about borrowing money to buy a flashlight/s :slight_smile:
…when you know everything about the flashlight before you even received it.

When you come to the realization that you were a flashight/torch collector before you found this website and now that you have…whoa boy…you are REALLY hooked. Who knew that you could do more than just fix a light.

When you have to build something to hold your growing collection and know all along it’s never going to be big enough…

When you make a special trip to Home Depot to buy storage containers to hold the flashlights you bought at ……….Home Depot. :stuck_out_tongue:

Identify the location of your flashlight before lights off. So you know where to reach for it when you go for your late night pee break.

And when she asks, you lie and say you were watching porn.

Spend 3 hours polishing a flashlight.

Your light outshines your neighbor’s Audi R8’s headlights.

This would have ranked highly. I especially liked the map and your friends.

…when you look up to torch veterans.

I’m guilty of sooo many of these… !

when you turn off the headlights and hold the flashlight through the window and your girlfriend screams: are you crazy!!! :Sp

I have done exactly that. But being older and more responsible………it was my wife that did the screaming :smiley:

-Your postman, mechanic, doctor and all your friends EDC flashlights you gifted them.

-Valentines day rolls by and you think “how sad I don’t have anyone to buy a flashlight for” :wink:

-Folks at the retirement home you visit get you a 99cent store 9led flashlight as gift and you are trilled.

-You get paid in flashlight.

-You get a late night text and it isn’t a booty call, its about a Home Depot special sale :stuck_out_tongue:

-You get invited to a black tie affair and you think, “I should buy a dressy EDC for the occasion” 8)

-You get propositioned a lot. People want to buy your flashlights :bigsmile:

-People ask you where you got your flashlight and you say Richard built it for me!

-Friends want to go out to dinner and you say “could we go somewhere reasonable, I am saving for BTU shocker”

-At Halloween you gave away 9led flashlights because “candy isn’t good for you, but flashlights are”

-Local PD patrol stops to ask you “what are you carrying tonight” and they aren’t talking about firearms.

-In all your friends houses and cars there are flashlights you gave them.

-The beautiful blond from across the hall bangs on your door in the middle of the night
and you wonder if she needs to “borrow” a flashlight :heart_eyes: