You have a Flashlight addiction when:

Spend 3 hours polishing a flashlight.

Your light outshines your neighbor’s Audi R8’s headlights.

This would have ranked highly. I especially liked the map and your friends.

…when you look up to torch veterans.

I’m guilty of sooo many of these… !

when you turn off the headlights and hold the flashlight through the window and your girlfriend screams: are you crazy!!! :Sp

I have done exactly that. But being older and more responsible………it was my wife that did the screaming :smiley:

-Your postman, mechanic, doctor and all your friends EDC flashlights you gifted them.

-Valentines day rolls by and you think “how sad I don’t have anyone to buy a flashlight for” :wink:

-Folks at the retirement home you visit get you a 99cent store 9led flashlight as gift and you are trilled.

-You get paid in flashlight.

-You get a late night text and it isn’t a booty call, its about a Home Depot special sale :stuck_out_tongue:

-You get invited to a black tie affair and you think, “I should buy a dressy EDC for the occasion” 8)

-You get propositioned a lot. People want to buy your flashlights :bigsmile:

-People ask you where you got your flashlight and you say Richard built it for me!

-Friends want to go out to dinner and you say “could we go somewhere reasonable, I am saving for BTU shocker”

-At Halloween you gave away 9led flashlights because “candy isn’t good for you, but flashlights are”

-Local PD patrol stops to ask you “what are you carrying tonight” and they aren’t talking about firearms.

-In all your friends houses and cars there are flashlights you gave them.

-The beautiful blond from across the hall bangs on your door in the middle of the night
and you wonder if she needs to “borrow” a flashlight :heart_eyes:

You have beam-shot photos on your phone

Apparently KIA Pride headlights are no match for XP-G R5@1.5A… don’t ask… :*

- You blatantly refuse to fix the isolation problem of the fluorescent tube in your bathroom right atop the shower, for two years straight, and choose to take showers only with ceiling bounce from your torches.

- you buy a pink Xtar WK50 for a female coworker although you don’t even want to date her

- you buy about a dozen SK68 for male coworkers you don’t want to date, either

- you buy, and mod several Solarforce lights for close and not-that-close friends. The more responsibly acting ones, you teach about the dangers of Li-Ion, the hacks you only trust you’d give NiMH eneloops - which you’d provide at no cost, as well

- the local policewoman shows off her SureFire C2, and the next time you meet her, you’ll give her a Solarforce L2P with a XML-3-mode dropin

- the local police officer bloats about his fenix, and you just give him a SK68 and four AA eneloops.

- the vewwy pesky neighbours complaining about the power line dropping again, and all you give them is a handful of glowsticks.

and last - “Simon, come an’ watch this! It’s me new torch!” - and our watchman produced a coughs, coughs! LED-Lenser P7. “Look, it can zoom in an’ owt!” Oh, dam’ righ’ you are, boy; i’ surely can do that!

Now, who’d I be to destroy this chap’s dreams?

He’ll soon receive a stern talking about Li-Ion cells and the dangers which come with it; and after that, a proper, safe charger; a couple of protected cells, and a SK98 with a custom-made copper pill and Nanjg105c driver.

Dchomak wrote:

kralyevski wrote:
when you turn off the headlights and hold the flashlight through the window and your girlfriend screams: are you crazy!!! :Sp

I have done exactly that. But being older and more responsible………it was my wife that did the screaming

LOL. Mine doesn't give me me the satisfaction of screaming. She just said,"Well, I guess we don't ever have to worry about our headlights going out".

…always good to hear that i’m not alone… J)

Holy cow! I thought that I was the only one that did that.

When you play with a light while watching TV
When you pack for a trip (of any length) one piece of luggage is devoted to lights, batteries and chargers
When your friends ask if a light is safe before they turn it on
When you have separate EDC lights for work, home, hiking… and on and on
When camping and walking through the campground at night you have to shine your light up at the trees to use the ample reflected light to avoid hurting the eyes of other campers.
When you meet police officers you have to see what light they are packing and show them that yours is exponentially brighter.
When a car flashes their high beams at you, you have to control the urge to flash them back with one of your flashlights
When you laugh at what others post in this thread and your family comes to read what you are laughing at but don’t understand.

When the last thing you baked was a C8.

When the light you just bought last month was “the best” in a particular catagory,but now there are at least two more that are better,which you gotta have! HB

Good to know I’m not the only one who sticks a flashlight out the side of my truck every now and then.

Signs that I might be a flashaholic and fun things I’ve discovered along the way:
-My mother tells me I was born with a flashlight in my mouth. She’s only seen maybe 5% of what I have…
-I reprogram my drivers, and get made fun of for it (thanks Dr. Jones!)
-My girlfriend only carries a small keychain light since “you’ll have one anyways”
-Ceiling bounce is cheaper than replacing the last set of incandescent bulbs in the bathroom
-A C8 mounted to a .22 rifle is more fun than it should be
-I built my own drop in for the light on my shotgun because I don’t trust the premade ones
-I’ve replaced about half of the lights in my house with LED bulbs, not for the energy savings, but for the better tint
-I have an entire drawer full of various chargers, but my i4 never makes it off my desk. I’m considering buying a second one to keep in the truck
-I’m building an entire line of light bars instead of upgrading the dim 18 year old halogen bulbs in my truck because I can’t bring myself to spend so much on incans
-My edc is brighter than the headlight on my girlfriend’s motorcycle
-I don’t keep a flashlight in search and rescue pack, I can’t dedicate one like that, and it’s always too hard deciding what to bring
-I made an 18650 adapter for my radio
-I have to bite my tongue around surefire people. Lumens say more anyways and are much more polite.
-I buy all the clearance camcorder batteries at walmart just to find out what sort of cells are in them. A 14430 and a magnet is close enough to a 14500
–1300 lumens will stop a dog running at you at full speed faster than the asphalt will allow for. “click click click click click click click click screech”
-my tr-3t6 on high will warm my hands faster and cheaper than a chemical hand warmer
-an SRK is a very effective way of reminding people to keep their headlamps pointed down when facing other people on night hikes
-Low isn’t low enough and high still needs work
-I’ve spent more on rechargeable batteries than the primaries they where supposed to replace
-I’ve spent more time designing new lights this year than actually doing paying work
-“But I could totally use it for search and rescue!”
-You forget that not everyone knows what forward and reverse clicky are

And many more I can’t remember right now

Remember, it’s not a problem, it’s a “hobby”

When you recognize an star LED in an old Mayan calendar.

When your wife wakes you up because, while you sleep, say: “Alpha-One, you’ll be mine! Alpha-One! Alpha-One!

When you think 32 might be too many so you decide to do inventory and see what you might be able to let go, only to find out you have 47! (None of which you really want to part with.)

I can relate to so many of those too. :stuck_out_tongue:

..when you have to reset the wireless box, and, looking around for a paperclip, you settle for a disused led wire lying around (just did that).