You have been put on BLF Row - What's your Final Meal?

So for some reason you found yourself on BLF Row (like death row, but no death….) - but you do have to choose your final meal! Obviously you have been naughty! })
What would it be - and who would cook it?
I ask ‘who’ because no one will ever beat my Nan’s Sunday Roast - not the world’s top chef lol!
So I’ll kick it off with my Grandmother’s Sunday Roast - a celebration of everything very overcooked lol! - something I hate now, but still that dish is my favourite!

Liver & Onions—can’t find it in a restaurant in these parts and my wife hates it. She’ll only make it for me if I’ve earned a big favor.
Oops, I missed the “who”. I guess my mom, God rest her soul.

You know, I USED to love it too + bacon - when I was a kid. I cook it now, it tastes nice - but I just can’t get over the texture, and tubes (even when cut out) - I feel sick just typing it lol!
Similar thing with fish, I used to eat it al the time, my grandad fished a lot - one day on the saturday fish n chips he got a bone stuck in his throat and I thought he was going to die, it affected me that much that even if I do eat fish (cod basically) if I get even a tiny bone, I spit it out and can eat no more. I hate it, but i just cannot get over it, the more fishy a fish tastes (oily) the less I can stand it.
I used to eat sardines on toast every week, kippers, haddock, plaice, mackerel - anything……….when I was a kid lol

Rigatoni with psilocybin mushrooms, rosemary and parmesan.

That will definitely take your mind off things! :confounded: :partying_face:

I have liberty caps that grow very near me, in abundance…… I had a thriving little business about 25 years ago lol!
seems like a lifetime ago now……. not my cup of tea (literally lol) any more.
Had one of the best/worst nights of my life with a few very close mates back then, we will never forget it. Well, all but 1 my best mate……he had something happen that night that made him never speak to us again, and he never spoke about it other than to say it wasn’t anything to do with us - it literally changed the course of his life.
We have not spoken for 20+ years despite virtually living together (mates). I still to this day have no idea what happened in his head.

If I want to live on BLF death row long term: Plain oatmeal, plain tofu, fresh veggies, fresh fruit, plain seeds and nuts, and water only beverage.

If I want to live on BLF death row for only a short time: Processed red meat, red meat, poultry, fish, dairy, eggs, fried food and pre-packaged food.

BLF execution day last meal: Compromise. Plant based, but ultra processed and/or fried, and a grossly oversize portion: Potato chips and baked wheat products: Lots of pastry, pie, cookies and chocolate glazed doughnuts, and store-bought fruit juice and vegetable juice.

If I can not have my flashlights while on BLF death row, I would select Option Three.

But only the low resistance ones with high discharge rates

I’m a lifer on BLF. There’s no hope for me.

But I wouldn’t mind extra Bolognese sauce on lasagna with spicy sausages right now.

I'm craving a steak and salad bar at Sizzler.

I want to eat it at the restaurant, which is impossible right now.

Cornmeal and ground beef soup, made by my mother. As dessert, a nice hot bowl of her oatmeal revipe, and as a drink, the black pour over that I make every morning, served with milk.

That would delight me for days until I was taken off the naughty bucket :smiley:

A beef roast. Potatoes, parsnips, carrots, and onions roasted in the pan with the beef. Yorkshire pudding. Gravy. My mother made the best. Pumpkin pie with whipped cream, real cream. Who know what Yorkshire pudding is without doing a google?

Okay, I’m kind of startled now. Guess what we just had for dinner here.

Skirt steak or ribeye, fried eggs, and sliced home fries.

Right now I'm craving a real Pizza.

Been on a forum that talks nothing but pizza ....can you imagine ?

Pizza sounds good.

Maybe I'll cook one tomorrow.

Marmite on toast For me

Fresh salmon and rye bread for me wife

Food tastes better when somebody else makes it for you. And pizza tastes better cut in squares. So Beeks Pizza. If you had it, you’d know why.

Weirdos. Must be like a forum where they talk about nothing but flashlights.

I miss the Choinese food place I used to go to almost (work)daily.

Pretty much anything I’d order was damned good.

Chinese ?

I hear the pizza in NY isn't bad either ..You should try it