Your favorite light brand?

Maybe many friends have collected many lights,but have you ever asked yourself:Which light brand is my favorite and which types of light I like.

Does anyone don't know any light brand???


I like turtles .

And things that are paisley .

I like paisley turtles.


Sortafire .

Or Kindafire .

Or Maybefire .

Paisleyfire !


Paisleyfire !


It will depend on light. P60 - Solarforce, 1xAA would be Xeno/ITP or Olight...


Aww take it easy on Sally. She's not shilling yet. She hasn't promoted anything in this thread. Just a question.

Sally, to answer your question, in my opinion, Tank and Romisen are well regarded Chinese brands in this forum, with Ultrafire coming close, but there are too many fakes. Other brands that are liked are Fenix and Solarforce. If you could offer lights from these brands at a competitive price, people here might be willing to try your company.

I would also like to warn you to be very careful what you do on this forum. As you maybe can already tell, many of us are very sensitive to bad business practices, and understandably so. If, however you treat everyone with respect, they might empty their wallets for you. Ric from China Quality Goods is an example of a very good and reputable Chinese seller. He has a lot of our business because he is honest, and also very familiar with what we want in a light.

PS. What's a Paisley?



semy's spam post was deleted before I could quote it, but trust me, they are a tataspammer.

is this

i vote for Paisleyfire !

so does jonathan

Is that magic smoke coming out of that turtles butt ?

i like starfire and heartfire,butterflyfire .. Oh yeah plaid nitecores too

That would be this one:

*BEEP* Hi Dad, it's your loving daughter Brooke....I need some more money for, uh...books !