Your favourite Host/Flashlight to mod a MT-G2 in ?

I have seen so many modded lights with MT-G2 emitters, and many stock versions of popular lights built with the MT-G2 emitter. ( EX: Fenix TK35UE, Thrunite TN35, etc.) I have been trying to decide what my next mod with a MT-G2 will be, as i have a ton of capable lights that use two 18650s and have big reflectors to work with the big emitter.

I have a couple of these lights:—11641

that i thought about modding it to the MT-G2, and building a custom battery carrier to use 4 18650s, ( Dual-parallel in 2-series set up) but i also have various other lights i could use including a TK35 clone, several D Mags, etc.

That S1100 Comfy built seems like it would be my favorite if I had it. I really like my T90 build.

Nice job on the T90 build :slight_smile: i’m looking to build something more compact and can be carried easily on night trail walks and Geocaching trips. ( i just realized your icon is the pill in your T90 :stuck_out_tongue:

ZY-T08 for me. I done a bunch of them and they all turned out great. Big enough pill for most drivers. Decent heatsinking, 2x 18650. Super good reflector.

I have a ZY-T08 that i could use for a mod. how are the run times on yours ? did you post a thread about the mod ?

I didn’t but I think Relic did one on his and that was where I got the idea from. It might have been comfy though I’m not sure.

I have done a bunch of them with different drivers. Runtime really depends on what driver you pick. I like using the old DRY driver but they are gone now. I have also used the Trustfire 3xT6 driver and that worked well too. The most output was a driver from a lustefire 3xu2. That one would pop the protection on two 3400 panasonics.

For good runtime and decent output the 3xT6 driver is a good choice.

As for the mod there really isn’t that much to it. The hardest part is modding the battery carrier to series and filing out the reflector to size.

i have a 3xT6 driver here but it has some problems with the modes. I know of the Nanjq Mod that works, have you did any of those for the MTG2 ?

Nope I haven’t tried that one yet. I was planning on it when they were going to do the group buy deal. Do you know what happened with that one?

how fast does it heat up on high to be uncomfy to hold?

I never heard much about that group buy offer lately. I have a Nanjq/Qlite-rev. 4-mode with the Zener & resistor Mod i have not tested yet, but will be used in a build very soon with the MTG2.

i guess that would depend on how well the heat sinking is done in the mod. The MT-G2 can be a hot plate when driven hard.

I’ve put an MT-G2 in this (or similar gold one) light:\_trksid=p3984.m1439.l2649

I used the old (not the new) CNQ DRY driver, and it’s really bright for it’s size, esp. on turbo. I really wish that CNQ didn’t stop making that old DRY driver :(!!

It’s not that bad really, but you do need to turn it down after a few minuets. I generally only use the high as a turbo, say five minuets at a time max. But on a good long walk you can bounce back and forth and not have it heat up bad at all. I walk with mine quite a bit. Well right now I’m walking more with my maglite MT-G2 but it also has a ZY-T08 reflector in it. Great reflector for the MT-G2.

Ok have been looking for a cheap MTG2 host as I'm thinking of building one.



-good heat sinking

-least work possible

-doesn't focus the beam too much, preserves the floodyness.

$19 Dive light with twist on. Possibly less head material as water cooled. Weight unknown, head width 50mm.

$20 2013 Power Cree. 62mm head width 320g. There's an identical looking one called "Uniquefire UFF10B" that's $25 but is listed as 500g, considerably heavier but unsure of specification accuracy.

Lustefire D01. I think this is the Convoy L2 clone? 2 x 26650. $33. Weight and dimensions not listed. Looks to be lacking a little in head mass, but can't really fathom it from pictures alone.

And the trusty Trustfire 3T6 $23 . Unknown driver from this seller. Would it be a reflector + emitter swap and then good to go for 2 batteries? These are meant to have work-horse drivers but the lower modes have terrible PWM.

I have been currently working on several flashlights to run on MT-G2s:

  • Roche LS01 18650x2
  • Cheap Zoom 18650x2
  • Jax Z1 26650x2
  • SmallSun ZY-T08 18650x2
  • New 117 (TK35 clone) 18650x2

None of them can be considered a ‘finished’ product,
I keep modifying them, from time to time.

Now, a truly work in progress is the right most flashlight, XinTD X3.
At this moment, only the emitter is swapped, still thinking a suitable driver
for 14500x3 batts in series setup (should acommodate up to 12v).

Which one is really my favorite? Actually at this stage, I can’t really answer.
Perhaps I will know it after I have actually finished modding them,
which won’t happen in the near future. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi, where did you get the New 117 from? i dont seem to be able to find this light anywhere. this light seem interesting…

Hi, they are several incarnations (aka clones) of Fenix TK35, and are known by many names:

  • UniqueFire UF-F10
  • SmallSun ZY-T92
  • New 117 @ DealExtreme Available in 4 colors, but only 2 colors are currently available.

Previously, many online shops are selling the lights, but now, I can only find two shops which still have them: DealExtreme & AliExpress.

Wow! Nice lineup dnkyblf.

How do you like the Small sun zy-t08 as a host?

Nice mods you have done dnkyblf. :slight_smile:

What driver did you use in these lights?

Thanks! I like to compare ZY-T08 with New 117, because they have the same battery setup 18650x2 side by side.

T08’s reflector is quite good for MT-G2, I’m able to get a nice beam profile from it. With 117, the hotspot is less defined.

T08’s big head should somehow help to manage & disperse heat better, but will get in the way, if you’re thinking of carrying the light in your pocket. 117 is more pocketable.

The mass is there, you can feel that you are holding chunk of metal, instead of flimsy metal tube. Again, this is good for heat management. I believe 117 is lighter.

The only issue that I find with T08 is solder blobs (quick & clever hack to convert the battery setup from parallel to series) tend to leave scratch marks on the battery tips and its plastic cover. I’m still thinking of proper way to solve this issue. 117 has no problem about this, since its batteries are already in series.

All in all, ZY-T08 is a fairly good host, and decently priced too ($20). And… I just found out that you can get it as low as $16.57 at TMART with a free torchlight keychain! At least you know if you manage to break the T08 while modding it, you still have the torchlight keychain as backup (with only a few lumen less?)