Your "No Play" Lights

Which lights do you set aside never to play with?

These are your “in the clutch” lights you find more useful to keep until needed than to piddle with like toys. Three lights now serve this purpose for me; my long-neglected MC-E zoomie bike light, which stays attached to the bike until needed, and my Sipik Sk68 that stays on the keyring. Lastly is my Q5 ebay head-strap-attaching light (helps that there is no real satisfaction in playing with it). If I discharge the batteries needlessly, I find I don’t have them when I need them. Hence, they are my no-play lights.

My klarus p2a seem to fit that description
Strangely enough my beater sk68 is always in my pocket rattling around with the rest of the junk that’s in there

No play lights:

  1. Liteflux LF2XT - natural anodizing with stock neutral tint emitter. High resale value.
  2. Litefulx LF2XT - black anodizing with cool white XPG R5 emitter. (emitter upgrade performed by Steve Ku). High resale value.
  3. Lenslight mini with neutral tint XPG emitter - expensive, large and not very practical.

Even then, I may occasionally put batteries in them and “play” with them, but I wouldn’t EDC them in my pocket.

mine was Roche M170,Supfire M6,DRY 3x XML with full charged batteries stand by in case some $h1t happen J)

I don’t have any. I just swap another to its place if I want to play with it. I do the same with knives. I occasionally take all the kitchen knives to the store room and bring back a different set, or take all the pocket knives in my drawer to the storeroom and bring back some I haven’t used for a while. There might be some meat cleavers I have never used, and I don’t use the hand forged machete often any more.

I’d be into my P2A in a heartbeat, if I could figure out how to get the head open. I’d like to change the emitter to something a lot warmer, but it’s obvious they were wise to guys like me. :stuck_out_tongue: They have it glued tighter than a bulls arse in fly time.

None like that. I have enough lights that it's difficult giving each of them enough use. The lights that aren't used is because I plan to mod them eventually.

My BLF A8. Bigger and bulkier than I like to carry around. If I’m walking downtown to see a movie I take my Minimag and closer in just grab the saber or solitaire.

I’m assuming its just loctite, two mini strap wrenches should get it apart, unless there is a chemical you can put in the threads to loosen it (or some heat may help)

Solarforce S2200. It’s a tank, a whole lotta light, and not the easiest carry around. But it’s beam is delicious, it’s very well made and the modes are intuitive and very useful. Towards the top of my brightest list at 2657 OTF @ 30 sec, and probably the longest running. All of which adds up to an excellent emergency light.

My XinTD V4 is one of the only ones I haven’t modded. It sits pristine, waiting for the day it’s sorely needed.

Edit: And my Solarforce L2P with Lantern attachment, it’s got a Nichia 219 and stands by waiting for lights out situations.

My old reliable

Zebralight H60 headlamp