Your recommendations for a fixed blade, please.


As being quite new for any manufacturers and vendors of budget and not so budget knives, I would like to ask some recommendations.

I would like to surprise my friend.

I have been discussing about the matter, I know he need or could use a fixed blade.

It should be at size range of about 7-8" or so. Should be good to whittle with. Probable use as a "better knife", not for dirtiest jobs. Drop point blade?

Maybe used in fishing or such.

Should look quite conservative yet a touch of class or appearance should at least be not the most cheapish.

I know there are tons of folding knives but I also know, he would like more a fixed one.

At this time, I could leave the budget open but price/quality ratio should still be high.

Thanks!! :)

You couldn’t go wrong with a gil hibben or a ka-bar. I’m on my phone right now so can’t link anything


Checked out some Hibbens from eBay, think they might be just a bit too fancy or something like that. Most of them are also a bit large (7" blade). I was not familiar with this brand, lot to learn...

On ka-bar however, something like this might hit preeeetty close:

Also, a tad on the large side but I´ll keep watching.


Mights just be it. Price range and all seem to fit the bill.

I have no experience about how these perform or how´s their quality but I recall ka-bar as a "good brand" for some reason.

the second post you linked looks just like one i have, and if it is it is a very good size, not huge and useless for most tasks but not too small for using either

im hoping to get this hibben soon

also, on a more budget line, the schrade old timer has a loyal following up here among maine rednecks. they are a very nice knife for the price, but the only one i can find on ebay is kind of cheap looking, but im not into that kind of handle personally id prefer wooden the sharp finger is the exact one i have on that page first ive seen that one, and i think its a very classy looking knive

A lot of people in USA like them.

(just kidding)

This is a link to what I think are the best value fixed blade knives in the USA.

I have 5 of them myself.

Queen is an up scale company that is highly collectable, however, many collectors do not realize that Queen also makes fixed blade knives, it makes them a great value for the quality.

Good Kabar place.

Not affiliated, just happy customer. Definitely go with a Kabar. Most made here, Tomar's prices are good, greedbay much more expensive.

I got ahold of the Fin fixed blade... gotta get that on Amazon though. Discontinued but it's a beautiful knife.


I think he has one Marttiini and probably some other Finnish hand-made, not sure.

He sure would appreciate one, but looking now for more budget priced knife.

I registered to bladeforums and some people in US seemed to actually own some of those linked, was surprised.

They tend to be a bit pricey. Bought 2 for my dad and brother some years ago for christmas (can´t remember the maker now) and they totalled up to somewhere around 300$ :|

Dorpmuller: thanks for the link, checking that out now!

edit: checked aaaand...... Shipping to Finland for 1 knife



I like the Cold Steel tantos, as they vary in price from $29 to $299

There was a sale on their Pendleton Hunter recently as well.

whatever Mora knife you think he'd like or a becker bk-2 (the becker is super-ultra heavy duty) I have both kinds and love them!